Aberdeen Anarchy X


The 10th anniversary show will see WrestleZone once again return to the Beach Ballroom with the biggest Aberdeen Anarchy supershow of all-time!

Former WWE superstars Santino Marella and Chavo Guerrero Jnr join a host of our own WrestleZone stars for this extravaganza, while for the very first time, we will have a STEEL CAGE match with Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson defending against Damien, with "Aberdeen Assassin" Lee McAllister the special guest enforcer for our 10th Anniversary main event!

Tickets will be available from http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/events/wrestlezone-aberdeen-anarchy-x-2018-wrestling-supershow over the phone on 01224 641122 or in-person at any of the Box Office outlets at HMT, the Lemon Tree or the Music Hall (re-opening Summer 2018)

Pre-show entry from 5pm

General admission from 6pm

Main show starts 7pm

More information will be made available ahead of this event - please check back soon.

WrestleZone return to the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom with a 10th anniversary wrestling supershow like no other; Aberdeen Anarchy X; featuring the first-ever STEEL CAGE match in the Granite City.

The North-east's grappling stars will be joined by two former WWE superstars for the spectacular event taking place at the historic art-deco venue on Aberdeen's beachfront.

Legendary grappler from the Guerrero dynasty, Chavo Guerrero Jnr, will be in action on September 1st with the former WWE and WCW Crusierweight and Tag Team Champion ready to “Viva La Raza” in the Granite City and show off his legendary Mexican wrestling heritage.

Joining Chavo for the showpiece event is former WWE Intercontinental, Tag Team and U.S Champion Santino Marella makes his way to WrestleZone on September 1st where he will be in action for Aberdeen Anarchy X!

The 'Milan Miracle' make an extremely rare visit to the UK where he will be looking to entertain our fans at the Beach Ballroom alongside a host of local grapplers. And who knows, Santino may also take his famed “Cobra” to the supershow!

Meanwhile our main event is set with Shawn Johnson set to defend the Undisputed Championship against challenger Damien inside a STEEL CAGE – a first for WrestleZone! And to make sure matters don’t get out of hand, former WBU Boxing Champion the “Aberdeen Assassin” will be the Special Guest Enforcer for the match!

We have two ticket tiers remaining, giving fans the chance to secure their seat at wrestling's premier summer sporting event.

Ringside Silver - secure your seat in our ringside section, with access to a pre-show meet-and-greet with WrestleZone stars and a bonus match. Priority entry to the event, all for £27 per ticket plus a booking fee.

General Admission - unallocated seating and entry from 6pm. These tickets cost £17 each plus a booking fee.

Tickets are available from the Aberdeen Box Office in the following three ways;

Act fast to secure your seat for our biggest supershow of the year!!!

A STEEL CAGE SHOWDOWN is set to main event our 10th Anniversary supershow, as Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson defends the gold against his biggest rival, "The Revolutionary" Damien. This is set to be the culmination of two years of hatred and bitterness with a war to settle the score!
Recognising the importance of this one, WrestleZone management have drafted in the "Aberdeen Assassin" Lee McAllister to act as Special Enforcer for this bout to ensure this issue can be settled fairly.

The very first WrestleZone STEEL CAGE match will lock these two amazing grapplers inside our wrestling ring and there will be no escape until there is a winner. The Beach Ballroom will not have seen a fight quite like this one and we can't wait to see who emerges with the Undisputed Championship in tact!

The Tag Team Titles are on-the-line at Aberdeen Anarchy X as four-time champions The Rejected defend the gold against the Kings of Catch! Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan have united to try and conquer the North but standing in their way are Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago, the most successful duo in recent memory.

However, throwing in this stipulation will see the tables come into the fore and there is history here as Chris Archer was previously dumped through a table in the Beach Ballroom by none-other than WWE Hall of Famer D'Von Dudley!
But this all started at Proving Grounds as Chris Archer dumped Aspen Faith through a table three times; prompting Faith to recruit his longtime rival into the fold at WrestleZone and attempt to win the
Wherever the Kings go, a reputation for innovative offence follows and this looks to be a spectacular contest to top off our 10th Anniversary celebrations.doubles gold.

A dream tag team are set for doubles action at Aberdeen Anarchy as Scottish funnyman Grado teams with the "Milan Miracle" Santino Marella this September at Aberdeen Anarchy X. Fans will be clamouring in support of this duo and who can forget their special mascot; the "Cobra" - will he join the pair for action at the Beach Ballroom.

Facing-up to the Anarchy dream team are Glaswegian hard men Kid Fite and Krieger, and both grapplers are preparing a warm welcome for the WWE Intercontinental Champion. We will see on September 1st whether Grado and Santino have the chemistry to see off these professional street fighters.

A showstealling attraction is on the cards for Aberdeen Anarchy X as former WWE and WCW Crusierweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jnr faces one of the best flyers in Europe - Irishman Bingo Ballance.

The "Zenith of Zero G" is known for his innovative offence and risk-taking manoveres bit this represents something of a dream match here as he takes on a member of the legendary Guerrero dynasty.

The legendary Mexican grappler is also currently making his name in Hollywood as part of the cast and crew of GLOW and he has made it known that he can't wait to return to Scotland to be part of WrestleZone's 10th Anniversary Supershow.

We can't wait to see what transpires here as one of the best that the WrestleZone has to offer tangles with our special guest for Aberdeen Anarchy X.

The very future of Sterling Oil is on the line when The Sterling Brothers, Crusher Craib and Richard R. Russell face Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Johnny Lions and WrestleZone management's Chris McDonald at WrestleZone- Aberdeen Anarchy X!

Chris McDonald shocked WrestleZone when he announced himself as the fourth member of Team WrestleZone and will be keen to finally get his hands on Richard R. Russell on his wrestling debut!

WrestleZone originals Swift, Lions, and Tucker would also love nothing better than to end Sterling Oil once and for all...

WrestleZone management have just announced that Andy Wild will defend the Tri-Counties title against now 1 opponent at WrestleZone- Aberdeen Anarchy X but 3!

Zach Dynamite, Mr P and Nathan North will all challenge for the gold in a fatal 4-way contest!! This is set to be an explosive contest with four of the best wrestlers in WrestleZone gunning it out; with champion Wild set to be at a huge disadvantage on Saturday 1st September at the Beach Ballroom!!!

Neither Viper バイパー or Sammii Jayne サミー・ジェーン are strangers to each other at Aberdeen Anarchy having faced off twice already with one win each in a mixed tag and tables match.

Now recovered from recent injuries, both woman will be looking to mark their WrestleZone return with a huge victory at WrestleZone- Aberdeen Anarchy X as two of Europe's best collide!

Card subject to change – announced so far:

Undisputed Championship, Steel Cage Match: Shawn Johnson Vs. Damien (Lee McAllister special enforcer)

Tag Team Titles, Tables Match: The Rejected Vs. The Kings of Catch

Grado & Santino Marella Vs. Kid Fite & Kreiger

Chavo Guerrero Jnr Vs. Bingo Ballance

Sterling Oil lose, they must disband

Chris McDonald, Scotty Swift, Johnny Lions & Bryan Tucker v Crusher Craib, the Sterling Brothers & Richard R. Russell

Tri-Counties Championship, Fatal Fourway: Andy Wild V Nathan North v Zach Dynamite V Mr. P

Sammii Jayne V Viper

Card Subject to Change