From : Nottingham, England 

Height : 6ft 

Weight : 250lbs

Signature Moves : Wild Cutter, Tiger Bomb

Titles Held: Undisputed Title, Tri-Counties Title

Over the past seven years, Nottingham’s Andy Wild has emerged as a dominant force in Scottish Wrestling, developing a great reputation that has seen him wrestle in countries across Europe. But Wild still believes he has a lot to accomplish in Scotland, and wants to prove his superiority in the WrestleZone.

Wild possesses all the technical skills and expertise needed to win championship gold, but with an unashamed arrogance, the Englishman is a competitor who does not endear himself to the WrestleZone fans – or his fellow grapplers.

Never one to shy away from the big occasion, Wild’s WrestleZone past contains huge bouts against the likes of Crusher Craib, Bingo Ballance, Scotty Swift and even former WWE Superstar Drew Galloway, who came out on top in a fantastic contest at Battle of the Nations 2014.

Being part of all those marquee match-ups may suit Wild’s reputation and standing, but they also serve the purpose of keeping him firmly in the mix when it comes to the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship. Wild will be sure to return to the WrestleZone intent on proving that he truly is ‘Unstoppable’ when it comes to winning the North-east’s top prize!