From : Aberdeen, Scotland

Height : 5ft 7in 

Weight : 162lbs

Signature Moves : Superkick, Codebreaker

Titles Held: Undisputed Title, Tag Team Titles

Damien has conquered a lot in his wrestling career, but still continues to feel aggrieved that he is living on past glories. WrestleZone's first-ever Undisputed Champion is now a long-way from his record-breaking championship reign but still sits within WrestleZone as a big threat to the title-holders.

Whether he is picking off more than he can chew in Crusher Craib, or betraying former partners like Johnny Lions, Damien always courts controversy. The reformation of Sterling Oil has helped Damien achieve some of his ambitions, but he is yet to take that final step to regain the Undisputed Championship he craves.

It would appear that the only thing bigger than Damien’s ambitions is his enormous EGO, and this is often the thing that lets him down, much to the delight of the WrestleZone fans. However, the 'Revolutionary’ will always carry the label of being a former Undisputed Champion and is hell-bent on regaining that title, at any cost!