From: Aberdeen, Scotland

Height: 6ft 5 

Weight: 255lbs

Signature Moves: Big Boot, Black Hole Slam

Titles Held: Undisputed  Title,  2012, 2013, 2016  Regal Rumble winner

The largest grappler in the WrestleZone is possibly also the baddest! The 'Creator of Carnage' has held the Undisputed Championship on two occasions - and both have ended in controversy! Crusher’s first stint with the gold ended at the hands of the feared Jack Jester while the second saw Damien cost his great rival the title to Joe Coffey. 

However, Crusher rebounded to win the 2016 Regal Rumble - a record third win for the monster - making him the most successful wrestler in WrestleZone history! But fortunes recently took a turn for the worst in an Undisputed Championship match against rival Scotty Swift at the Beach Ballroom and now injury keeps Crusher on the sidelines.

However, we know that Crusher Craib plans to return one day and dominate the WrestleZone once again - and who knows how soon it will be before the WrestleZone locker room are quaking in their wrestling boots.