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A competitor who always brings the ‘Spice of Life’ to the WrestleZone, the enigma that is Cysto #1 has become a firm favourite with the WrestleZone fans. Whenever he, or his ‘Los Cystos’ partner, Cysto #2 are in town, there is entertainment guaranteed as the ‘Orange One’ looks to use unconventional offence to his advantage.

Grapplers sometimes underestimate the marvellous masked man, but often they can be left with egg on their face as the ‘Tangerine Dream’ proves to be a bigger match than expected!

Bringing the fun and frolics to the WrestleZone, there is always something going-on with either of Los Cystos in the ring. Expect the unexpected with these two as they revel in tripping up their opponents – literally and figuratively – over and over again!