From: Aberdeen, Scotland

Height: 5ft 8lbs 

Weight: 160 lbs

Signature Moves : Axe-Kick

Titles Held: Tag Team Titles

Mr Paterson, for many years the representative of WrestleZone management, has traded in his suit for a pair of wrestling tights. After a six-month war with Johnny Lions, ‘Mr P’ won a contract in the WrestleZone and has now set off on his wrestling career.

Since making the transition into the locker room, Mr. P has had remarkable success - not least in his latest tag team with Kaden Garrick. The duo have picked up the tag team titles on two occasions, and are now embroiled in a war with Sterling Oil!

As one of the most charismatic grapplers in the WrestleZone, Mr. P is always going to have fans in his corner to cheer him on. But now Mr. P needs more than adulation, and his success in the pro-wrestling world will be based on wins and championship gold - and for now, Mr. P is out to teach his opponents a life lesson!