From: Ayr, Scotland 

Height: 6ft 

Weight: 220lbs

Signature Moves: Stunner, The Slug

Titles Held: None As Of Press Time

It’s Yersel! With the heart of a lion, Grado is a true man of the people. This down-to-earth grappler is no primadonna, just an everyday man living a wonderful dream as one of Scotland’s top professional wrestlers.

Entertainment is the name of the game when Grado is on the bill, and no doubt this Ayrshire funnyman will have you in stiches with his antics inside the wrestling ring.

Grado always looks on the bright side of life, but when the going gets tough in the WrestleZone, this Clark Kent can turn into Superman, and there will be trouble for whoever gets in his way! That being said, it is Grado’s infectious personality which endears himself so much to the fans, and with his trademark greeting - It’s Yersel - ringing around, you know a smashing wrestler is coming to town!