From: Glasgow, Scotland 

Height: 6ft 2 

Weight: 218lbs

Signature Moves: Polo Plex

Titles Held: None As Of Press Time

Jackie Polo is a supreme wrestling talent. From technical wrestling to a punch-up, Polo is more-than-a match for most grapplers!

But Polo’s talents are accompanied with unabashed arrogance, and he is often too big for his boots. So much so that he has found himself in a fair few scrapes inside the WrestleZone, and this is where ‘The King of Chat’ lets himself down.

Given his excellent skills, Polo could become one of the top stars of WrestleZone. The fans have not taken to his antics, and nor should they be impressed with his manner. But if Polo can continue to pick up the victories, even they must respect that he is here to stay!