From: We're not really sure.

Height: 5 ft 11 (5 ft 9 with hunch)

Weight: 124lbs

Signature Move: N/A

Titles Held: N/A

This is Jeeves. All Jeeves wanted to do when he grew up was to be a wrestler. Somewhere along the lines things didn't go according to plan. Natural selection didn't select him, his hunched, harrowed figure never quite made it, instead turning to the world of butling. We're not sure what happened - all we know is that he claims to be in his late 70s and still harbours the dream of pro-wrestling.

Being the butler of a professional wrestler of course is not an easy task, and it's one that Jeeves seems to struggle with. On several occasions his job has led to in-ring competition; and while it was initially a dream come true for Jeeves, it's usually led to massive pain for the menacing man-servant.

With the changing of the guard, Jeeves has faithfully followed to the service of Lord Mr. Malice and it is by his master's side that he remains, ready and willing to serve in any way Lord Mr. Malice sees fit!