From: Obar Dheathain, Alba 

Weight: 5ft 6 

Height: 180 lbs

Signature Move : The Spear

x2 Tag Team Champion

Since making a huge impression in his debut match in the WrestleZone, Kaden Garrick continues to make waves in the WrestleZone. The no talk, all action grappler will do just that and a partnership with Mr. P has brought two successful reigns as Tag Team Champions.

As a graduate from the WrestleZone Training Academy, Garrick remains close to his Scottish roots and does not suffer fools easily! Indeed, many opponents have ended up on their rear having tried to banter with Garrick, and it is clear his no-nonsense attitude is encouraged by the WrestleZone fans.

As current title-holder, Garrick comes under great scrutiny as he looks to hold onto the doubles titles. Time will tell how well Garrick can hold up to this but from what we have seen of Garrick in his career so far, a spine-tingling Spear awaits anyone who gets on the wrong side of him!