From: Montrose, Scotland

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 201 lbs

Signature Move: Chokebomb

Titles Held: Tag Team Titles

The "Heavy Metal Hooligan" started something special when he entered the WrestleZone. In a short timespan, the Montrose mauler made a huge impression on the likes of Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift, but it was his team with "Outcast" Chris Archer which has brought the greatest kudos.

Hooking up to form The Rejected, the pair weaseled their way to the Tag Team Titles with assistance of Vago's steel chain. And while they have now lost the tag team titles, Vago and Archer remain big threats to the whole doubles division.

We have seen Vago bring a real nasty streak to his matches and other grapplers are well aware of the lengths that the "Heavy Metal Hooligan" will go to. For Vago, he really couldn't care less what people think of him - all he wants are results, and with his steel chain for back-up, he has a great chance to go on and win further championship gold for The Rejected.