From: Aberdeen , Scotland

Height: 6ft 2 

Weight: 206lbs

Signature Moves: Granite City Driver, Two Rivers Plunge, Somersault Neckbreaker

Titles Held: Undisputed Title, Tag Team Titles, 2015 Regal Rumble Winner

The "Red-Haired Warrior" stands on top of the WrestleZone having won the top prize at Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 to realise his boyhood dream. After defeating Joe Coffey in front of 1,371 fans at the Beach Ballroom, Swift now has to contend with the return of arch rivals Sterling Oil looking to spoil his party.

After seeing off the challenges of Sterling Oil and Crusher Craib to extend his championship reign over the one year mark, Scotty Swift is  now ready for his next challenger, whoever that may be!

With his endless enthusiasm and true determination, Scotty is a role model to all the WrestleZone fans, and never backs down from a fight, whether on his own or backing up a fellow grappler.

Scotty has tasted numerous successes in his career, none more memorable than his tag team championship victory alongside American star Jay Lethal at ‘Battle of the Nations 2013’. Unfortunately Jay’s international commitments left them unable to defend the championships, and Scotty was forced to vacate the titles and begin a quest for further championship gold. That one night of glory has given Swift a taste for it, and no doubt the fans will be right behind his quest to win again.

As perhaps the most recognisable competitor on the roster, Scotty often finds himself a marked man for others looking to make a name for themselves. Swift is a big name in the WrestleZone and therefore a huge scalp for anyone to take, but Scotty is always up for the challenge, and his army of fans all over the North-East continue to fire him up for his matches!