From: Aberdeen, Scotland

Height: 5ft 7

Weight: 175lbs

Signature Moves: Double Foot Stomp, Cravat Driver

Titles Held: Undisputed Title, Tag Team Titles, 2017 Regal Rumble Winner

Shawn Johnson was one of the most popular grapplers in the WrestleZone as part of the Granite City Hotshots - until he did the unthinkable and ditched tag team partner Bryan Tucker to join Sterling Oil!

Having hooked up with Richard R. Russell and co, Johnson has singles gold in his sights and has sold his soul to get it! His change of attitude has disgusted Shawn's long-term fans as he traded in a lifelong friendship to further his wrestling career.

However, the feud of the former Hotshots is not over despite Johnson's best efforts to end Tucker's career. Shawn will complain that what he did was justified but since hooking up with Sterling Oil, Johnson has failed to make any impact on the Undisputed Championship scene.

Now embroiled in a blood feud with his former Hotshots partner, Johnson is prepared to sink deeper into despair in order to rid the WrestleZone of Tucker by any means necessary. His use of a steel chair has further cemented his "win at all costs" attitude that Shawn hopes will lead him to the singles success he desperately craves.