From: Balmedie, Aberdeenshire

Height: 5ft 7in

Weight: 155lbs

Signature Move: Poison Arrow

Titles Held: Tag Team Titles

The "Outcast" remains one of the most hated grapplers currently on the books at WrestleZone. Having come through the WrestleZone Training Academy, Archer decided to go his own way and bend the rules to his advantage, causing the WrestleZone fans to withdraw their support for the young star.

In the first few years of his pro-wrestling career, success seemed just out of reach for Chris Archer. That was until he formed a brotherhood with Mikkey Vago which led them to the tag  team titles, only to lose them just three months later.

Now on the outskirts of the tag team title picture, the "Outcast" is desperate to repeat past glories. With a reputation for being a sneak and a weasel, we expect Chris Archer to find a way to regain the tag team gold.