From : Millionaire’s Row, Aberdeen

Height : 6ft 3

Weight : 228lbs

Signature Moves : Chokeslam Backbreaker, Elbow Drop

Titles Held: Tag Team Titles

Ever since his first appearance in the WrestleZone, William Sterling has taken delight in being an annoying antagonist to his opponents, never at a loss for something to say, whether it gets him into tight spots or not. And now, after an unprecedented run where he appeared to be warming to the fans, he has betrayed everyone - not least tag team partner Blue Thunder - to reform Sterling Oil.

William's action have enraged the WrestleZone faithful who supported him as part of the Thunder Buddies old couple with Blue Thunder. But in attacking his former partner, Sterling made a big statement as he hooked-up once again with his brothers-in-arms Alan Sterling and Damien.

Having held the tag team gold a record four times, 'Wonderful' William will want to make sure Sterling Oil V2.0 reaches new heights. His next goal is to win the doubles gold one more time, and give Richard R. Russell the power he so desperately craves!