From : Millionaire's Row, Aberdeen

Finishing Move: The Oil Crash

Titles Held: Tag Team Titles

The most-successful tag team in WrestleZone history, William and Alan Sterling reformed in 2015 intent on regaining the titles for the fourth time. Since the reformation of Sterling Oil, we have seen these two come very close to regaining the championship gold, but something always seems to get in the way.

With a new ruthless streak that has taken the WrestleZone by storm, William and Alan have one goal in mind - domination of the WrestleZone Tag Team division.

Only a very brave man would bet against Richard R. Russell's men - they have the experience that no-other team can match, and the chemistry comes as part of the family. It was only a matter of time it seemed, and at Battle of the Nations 2016 William and Alan got their hands on the Tag Team gold and in the process William became the most decorated man in WrestleZone; winning his Fifth Tag Team title. We can only say good luck to every other team with ambitions of holding the titles.