From : Balmedie, Scotland & Montrose, Scotland

Finishing Move: Total Rejection

Titles Held: Tag Team Titles

Chris Archer has always been accused of hiding behind his tag-partner, perhaps it's a sign of growth that with new Brother-in-Arms Mikkey Vago he's standing side by side fighting just as hard!

The duo, now famously decked from top to toe in Denim and preceded by the roar of a motorcycle have dubbed themselves 'The Rejected' - and they proved they could win at any costs in lifting the tag team titles by the end of their first year as a team.

However, those titles now sit with Mr. P & Kaden Garrick, and The Rejected have a big job on their hands to regain them. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and we expect the "Outcast" and the "Heavy Metal Hooligan" to resort to new lows in their quest to regain the tag team championships.