Chris Masters


From: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 6ft 4in 

Weight: 265lbs

Wrestlers are normally famous for what they do inside the ring, but one of our Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 guests is widely known for being a HERO.

In 2013, Chris Masters saved his mother’s life after a criminal attempted to set his home ablaze. Masters made worldwide news after pulling down a 10ft tall tree with his bare hands to rescue his mother from the burning building!

This feat of heroism shows just how strong he is and there is another thing that Chris Masters is well-known for; the MASTERLOCK.

After training at the world-famous UPW training school, Chris Masters debuted on WWE in 2005, challenging various wrestlers to try and break his Masterlock submission hold. Most were unsuccessful at breaking his Full Nelson clinch as this chiselled god displayed his strength and power.

During his formative years, he wrestled many greats including both Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. He was also involved in the WWE title mix alongside John Cena and Kurt Angle, but was unsuccessful.

After challenging for several titles, Chris Masters took a break from WWE competition in 2007 and returned two years later, battled talented grapplers like Chavo Guerrero, MVP and Jack Swagger.

In 2011, Chris Masters returned to the independent wrestling circuit and continues to be a hot talent that is in-demand across the globe.