D-Von Dudley


From: Dudleyville, USA 

Height: 6ft 2in 

Weight: 269bs

Signature Move: 3D

Former WWE, World, WCW, ECW & TNA Tag Team Champion

D’Von Dudley is a 20-year veteran of the squared circle who has held the tag team belts a record 18 times, most prominently as part of the Dudley Boys.

Indeed, Brother Devon held the tag gold of the four top promotions in the United States; ECW, WCW, WWE and most recently TNA. On Saturday, May 23rd of this year, D’Von brought the Anarchy as wrestling returned to the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.

Starting his career in 1996, D’Von entered the wild world of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and alongside his brothers, quickly dominated the tag team ranks in matches against the Eliminators and The Gangstas.

By 1999, the Dudleys were on their way to the WWE to become a big part of the ‘Attitude Era’, cementing their legacy with an incredible three-way tag team feud involving Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boys. Fans may long remember D’Vons great matches and Wrestlemania moments involving Tables, Ladders and Chairs with breath-taking displays of guts and athleticism.

They also picked up the WCW Tag Team Titles from the Hardy Boys and unified these titles with the WWE version in November 2001.

In the new PG-friendly era, D’Von became a mainstay on WWE television and was involved with rivalries with Three Minute Warning, La Resistance and The Undertaker.

Seeking new challenges, the Dudleys moved to TNA Wrestling and opened up their own wrestling school. Since 2003, Team 3D have won numerous titles and D’Von even picked up his first singles gold as TNA Television champion in 2013.

In the same year, D’Von was inducted into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame in recognition of his accomplishments. Since that time, he has continued to perform across America for many independent groups, including a return to the ECW Arena.

When D-Von appeared at Aberdeen Anarchy he made a not-so-subtle statement that we may not have seen the last of the Dudleys on WWE TV, and indeed he was right! We were delighted to see D-Von and Bubba Ray re-enter the battleground that brought them so much success in August of 2015.

Whatever happens, the WWE tag-team division are in for trouble, and we might just see the Dudleys make it to 19 titles, and even 20!