Hardcore Holly


From: Mobile, Alabama, USA 

Height: 6ft

Weight: 235lbs

Signature Move: Alabama Slam

Former WWE Intercontinental, Hardcore & Tag Team Champion

With an old school attitude of respect and determination, Hardcore Holly is one of the most respected mat veterans in the game.

As an early tag team partner of the esteemed Robert Gibson, “Bob” Holly was brought up the correct way in the wrestling business. Wrestling throughout the southern states of America from his debut in 1987, Hardcore learned all the tough lessons needed to be a success in the grappling game.

His big break came in 1994 when he was signed full-time to the WWE – beginning a 16-year association with the world’s biggest wrestling company.

Initially competing as Bob “Spark Plug” Holly, he picked up the tag team titles at the 1995 Royal Rumble alongside previous Aberdeen Anarchy guest X-Pac. The reign lasted just one day but it was a taste of success that spurned Holly onto further gold.

Over the following years, Bob Holly would continue to wrestle regularly for WWE but it was in 1999 when his career changed forever. After defeating Al Snow for the newly-created WWE Hardcore Championship, Hardcore Holly was born!

Joined by his cousins Crash and Molly Holly, Hardcore Holly was a big part of the ‘Attitude Era’ until suffering a career-threatening neck injury in 2002. He returned for a WWE championship match against Brock Lesnar in January 2004 but was unsuccessful.

With the rebirth of ECW in 2006, it was a natural fit for Hardcore Holly to be a big part of the reborn promotion. He had a legendary match with Rob Van Dam in September 2006 and continued to be one of the prime players on WWE television.

He mentored Cody Rhodes early in his career but after losing the tag team gold, he returned to the independent circuit wrestling a select number of dates across the world.

Since 2009, Hardcore Holly has also travelled the world hosting wrestling seminars, passing on his years of experience to young grapplers across the globe.