Joe Coffey


From: Glasgow, Scotland 

Height: 5ft 10in 
Weight: 248lbs
Signature Moves: Discuss Lariat
Titles Held: Undisputed Title

Powerhouse grappler Joe Coffey is one of the top grapplers in Scotland, known for his firm grasp of technical wrestling and crisp power moves.

Indeed, the "Ironman" has displayed great skills inside the ring which has won him a lot of plaudits. His style is certainly hard-hitting and that is appreciated by wrestling purists.

As a great all-rounder, Coffey apparently turned his back on the WrestleZone fans in January 2015, attacking the then champion Crusher Craib! Claiming that they were holding him back, he set out on a new, seemingly selfish path to gold. Having defeated Crusher Craib at the Regal Rumble, Coffey was on course for a bout with Scotty Swift at Aberdeen Anarchy 2015.

At last year's Beach Ballroom supershow, not even the "Ironman" could stop Scotty Swift as the "Red-Haired Warrior" defeated Coffey in a pulsating contest to take the title away from the Glaswegian. While Coffey has been quiet since his title loss, we expect the "Ironman" to rise again the next time he competes in the WrestleZone.