From: Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Height: 5ft 11 

Weight: 206lbs

Signature Moves: Lion Cutter, Biggest Legdrop Ever, Tenacious Gunn

Titles Held: Undisputed Titles, Tag Team Titles

A change in attitude has worked wonders for veteran of the WrestleZone "Tenacious" Johnny Lions. Since refusing to join Sterling Oil and instead joining the fight against Richard R. Russell's men, the Kirkcaldy grappler has embraced the support of the WrestleZone fans for the first-time in his career.

Thriving on the support, Lions has become quite the attraction on the circuit and his feud with former tag team partner Damien was a career highlight. However, Lions harbours ambitions to return to the very top of the pack and with this new attitude, he has support in some quarters for another assault at championship gold.

While the "Tenacious One" is a reformed character, we expect that he will continue to bring a high energy approach to his wrestling matches, and Lions will be hoping to once again become THE MAN to beat in the WrestleZone.