Mick Foley


From: Long Island, New York

Height: 6ft 2in 

Weight: 270lbs

WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE, Tag Team and Hardcore Champion, TNA Heavyweight Champion and WCW World Tag Team Champion

Signature Move: Mr. Socko

Loveable WWE legend Mick Foley brought Christmas early to Aberdeen in 2015 as he served as special guest commissioner for a special supershow held at the Aberdeen Beach Leisure Centre.

Mrs Foley's baby boy loved his time in the Granite City, meeting fans and witnessing the action first-hand inside the WrestleZone!

Whether you know him as Mick Foley, Mankind, Dude Love or Cactus Jack, these days there is one thing that follows - MR SOCKO! Indeed, William Sterling and Richard R. Russell still bleat on to this day about the night that Mick Foley ruled the roost in the WrestleZone.

Aberdeen's wrestling fans certainly had a nice day - thanks to the WWE Hall of Famer.