Christmas Chaos Review - Part 1 with Mick Foley

November 17, 2015

WrestleZone presents “Christmas Chaos Comes Early”

A record-breaking crowd were on hand at the Beach Leisure Centre this past Saturday night as WrestleZone welcomed WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley to the Granite City.

The legendary three-time former World Heavyweight Champion was the special guest commissioner for the huge supershow, brought forward to November 14th to allow Saint Mick to rule over the Yuletide tradition.

With a huge line-up featuring championship matches, blood feuds and bragging rights on the line, this proved to be the biggest Christmas Chaos yet with 840 fans in attendance on a cool November night.

Over the next few days, the WrestleZone web team will bring you all the details from this massive supershow which left WrestleZone fans in a frenzy heading into an exciting 2016!

Mick Foley joins the WrestleZone

Without doubt, the unprecedented highlight of the weekend was the arrival of WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley in the WrestleZone.

Months of anticipation came to a head as the legendary grappler – known by his Three Faces of Foley personas Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love – took the reins of the WrestleZone for our annual Christmas-themed event.

Prior to the supershow, Foley held a meet-and-greet with WrestleZone fans with hundreds of you meeting Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy on Saturday afternoon. The buzz around the crowd was clear to see as the fans who turned out certainly “had a nice day” meeting Mick.

Given his position of power for the evening, it was over to Chris McDonald to introduce the Commissioner as he gave an address to the WrestleZone fans just minutes into the Christmas Chaos Comes Early supershow.

But while Mick thanked the fans for their adoration in the afternoon, the address was cut short as Sterling Oil made their way to the ring. Led by Richard R. Russell, it was clear that Sterling Oil wanted to bargain with Commissioner Foley.

Russell tried his best to woo Foley, even complimenting him on his Christmas shirt which is an official replica of the one worn by Judge Reinhard in the third Santa Clause movie. Fun movie fact for the day!

Sterling Oil asked for the main event to be changed to a singles bout, with Alan Sterling the sole challenger to champion Scotty Swift!? Commissioner Foley was in the mood for a change – but not the one proposed!

Instead, Mick barred William Sterling and Damien from ringside for huge Fatal Fourway – and ruled he would be at ringside to keep an eye on Richard R. Russell given his manager’s license prevented him being banned.

The fans lapped this up and Sterling Oil were left furious, with the Fatal Fourway going ahead pitting Scotty against Crusher Craib, Alan Sterling and Bingo Ballance.

The night’s main event ends and the chaos begins…

Commissioner Foley enthusiastically rang the bell as the chaos endured in this one! With four top competitors, the main event of Christmas Chaos Comes Early was a wild affair in which all four men had a big chance to shine.

Richard R. Russell was left powerless as Alan Sterling felt the might of a Crusher Craib cannonball, while good friends Scotty and Bingo put that to one side and engaged in a back-and-forth exchange. The bodies continued to tumble and a big highlight was a huge Powerbomb from Scotty and Bingo as Crusher Craib suplexed Alan Sterling from the top rope!

Matters took a seriously bad turn as Bingo Ballance went high risk, hitting a spectacular 450 Splash to Crusher Craib standing on the outside! However, the move ended the “Zenith of Zero-G’s” participation here and he had to be helped backstage by Commissioner Foley.

Crusher Craib came off badly too leaving the “Red-Haired Warrior” with Alan Sterling – and while Russell’s man almost capitalised on Swift’s deteriorated state, in the end the fan favourite hit the Granite City Driver and scored the one, two, three on Sterling to retain his championship!

The fans exploded as Scotty retained, but with the bout over, William Sterling and Damien made a beeline for the ring. Scotty was battered but the Hotshots would soon look to even the numbers – or so we thought until Shawn Johnson turned on Bryan Tucker! More on that tomorrow…

With chaos raging in-and-out of the ring, Commissioner Foley was back to restore order. Engaging once more with Russell, the Sterling Oil mouthpiece made the mistake of swinging a punch at Foley – with the Hall of Famer blocking and nailing Russell with one of his own!

It was then time to introduce Aberdeen to Mr. Socko – and the fans lapped this up as both Richard R. Russell and William Sterling were stuck in the Mandible Claw! Sterling Oil may have made a dent here but it was clear Commissioner Foley ruled the house!

With the adversaries banished, there was one more special guest for Mick to meet – Santa Clause! Just like Elf, Commissioner Foley went wild for Old Saint Nick and helped him empty his sack full of presents to the children at ringside!

And with that, Christmas Chaos Comes Early came to a glorious end, with Commissioner Foley sending the 840 fans home delighted following a great night of pro-wrestling action in the Granite City. This was one of the most memorable events in WrestleZone history and Mick Foley proved to be a huge hit with the North-east crowd; thanks go to the WWE Hall of Famer for making some dreams come true.

The WrestleZone web team will be back tomorrow looking at the next talking point from Christmas Chaos Comes Early; the end of the Granite City Hotshots as Shawn Johnson sensationally joins Sterling Oil…

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