Christmas Chaos Review - Part 3 Revolution on the rocks?

November 19, 2015

Revolution on the rocks?

While the tag team implosion of the Granite City Hotshots was a key development at Christmas Chaos Comes Early, it was the partnership of another former team which looks increasingly uncertain!

Revolution pairing Damien and Johnny Lions were both involved in a Former Champion’s Showcase alongside Bryan Tucker, with the winner getting an Undisputed Championship shot at Summerhill Showdown 2016!

And with Damien doing all he can to get the “Tenacious One” onside, the duo set about Tucker with venom. But the while the Hotshot was able to hold his own against two of his biggest rivals, this bout ended in controversial fashion.

Firstly, Tucker sent Damien flying to the floor and quickly turned his attention to Lions. The duo countered each other’s best offence until Lions gained the advantage by throwing Tucker up in the air, and nailing him with the Lion Cutter on the way down!

It was a sensational moment that got the job done for Lions, but the sneaky Damien would blindside Lions, send him tumbling and steal the pinfall on Tucker to win the #1 Contendership to the Undisputed Championship.

Damien had usurped his faithful tag team partner and matters looked set to explode as Lions stared down the “Revolutionary” in the ring! But as Lions looked to strike, he was pulled into an embrace with Damien who congratulated Lions on job well done!

As he left the ring, Damien symbolically tossed his Sterling Oil hoodie Lions’ way – but Johnny did not look impressed!

Some fans speculated that Lions is now a fully-fledged member of Sterling Oil, but we at the WrestleZone web team are not so sure!? Given Lions was not involved in the post-main event beat down of Scotty Swift, is Lions really now a member of Richard R. Russell’s troupe or is there something more going-on?

I guess we are going to have to wait-and-see, but what is sure is that the Damien / Lions relationship could go eitherway…

Tomorrow, we will focus on another landscape-changing night for the WrestleZone tag team division as new champions were crowned in controversial fashion…

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