Christmas Chaos Review - Part 4 The Rejected rise!

November 20, 2015

The Rejected use metal, win gold!

Our opening contest at Christmas Chaos Comes Early featured four grapplers who have battled up-and-down the East Coast for several months engaging in a winner-takes-all decider!

Tag Team Champions Mr. P & Kaden Garrick have endured a rollercoaster ride these past few months after their shock title win at Battle of the Nations. There has been no time to adjust to life in the fast lane as Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago have made a beeline for the gold.

The Rejected feel that Mr. P & Garrick snuck-in under their noses to win the titles and have used the assistance of a metal chain to weaken the fan favourites.

Their recent actions in Huntly were fresh in the mind as they made their way to ringside intent on ending the three-month reign of Dave and Kaden.

The champs opened up strong on their opponents and set the tone for the evening with a great barrage in the opening minutes! However a thumb to the eye from Archer turned the tide as Paterson was double-teamed by the Rejected!

Spurred on by Kaden, P eventually made the tag and Garrick fired back against both members of Rejected. From here, the bout quickly descended into chaos with bodies flying everywhere including a spine-tingling crash in the Tower of Doom.

The move took Mikkey Vago out of the game, leaving the champs with Chris Archer! The grease monkey knew he was in trouble and went for the chain, only for Garrick to catch him and dump him with an amazing Powerbomb.

Mr. P was the legal man and in tribute to Mick Foley, hit his own Superfly Splash on Archer which knocked the stuffing out. But as referee Mikey Innes tried to remove Garrick from the ring, Vago would return and smack Mr. P on the back of the head with the chain, and desperately pull Archer on top.

Garrick realised just one second too late as the referee counted the fall and declared the Rejected new tag team champions! Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago ran for the hills knowing their job was done, while Garrick looked set to explode after losing the titles in such fashion.

The result turns the tag team division on its head and we are sure that Mr. P and Kaden Garrick will not see this matter decided. History shows that rematches do not come around too often, and when they do, the fan heroes will need an amazing effort to regain the titles!

In tomorrow's recap, we look at the Mixed Tag Team bout featuring Aspen Faith, Lewis Girvan, Sammii Jayne and Debbie Sharpe that proved to be both successful and costly to the #bestyoungwrestler in the world...

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