Crusher agrees to Damien's terms!

May 02, 2015

Ever since the Regal Rumble, Damien has proved...elusive. Some may accuse him of running scared of the man he attacked at the event in March; Crusher Craib; in the process aiding in his defeat and loss of the WrestleZone Undisputed Title. Damien however tells a different story. Ever the sob story, the Renegade Revolutionary has accused WrestleZone of decaying and rotting from within. He claims to have a goal of tearing down the company and rebuilding it in his own image, and in his mind to do so he needs to take out 'the golden boys'. Crusher Craib was just the first on his radar, and after avoiding the giant's clutches in the month that followed, we finally heard from Damien, and he had a challenge for Craib.

The gauntlet was laid, Damien 'leading' Craib to where he wanted him. A Revolution Rules match, a first in WrestleZone. A match where nothing is illegal and anything either man can lay hands on is a potential weapon.

With the contract signed, both men are heading to war. For Crusher, a chance at revenge; to take pleasure in beating retribution out of the man who ruined his chance to headline a third Aberdeen Anarchy in a row. For Damien, a chance to prove his critics wrong, a chance to show the world that the revolution exists outside of his own mind.

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