Guest Column: The story of Shawn Johnson Vs. Damien

August 01, 2018

In the first of a series of articles in the lead-up to WrestleZone- Aberdeen Anarchy X, Billy Strachan of the Scottish Wrestling Network takes a look at the upcoming steel cage match between Shawn Johnson and The Revolutionary - Damien!

'September 1st, 2018. Two men enter a steel cage, two men fight over a championship that has consumed them, two men that were once teammates in a faction dead set in taking over WrestleZone. It’s been a long road to Aberdeen Anarchy X for two that have certainly made their mark in WrestleZone.

On one side is a revolutionary, while he stands across from a hotshot. This has been a war that has bubbled and boiled for the last three years, leading us to the biggest night on the WrestleZone calendar, the ten year celebration of WrestleZone, Aberdeen Anarchy X.

The Beach Ballroom will house this epic showdown between the challenger Damien and the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Shawn Johnson. The foundations of which could be placed at the night Shawn Johnson joined Sterling Oil. Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!) 2015, a huge night that saw WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley in charge of proceedings. Johnson turned his back on The Granite City Hotshots in emphatic fashion when he clotheslined Bryan Tucker and revealed his allegiance to the dastardly faction. The group now comprised of the premier tag team The Sterling Brothers, Damien and Shawn Johnson. While Johnson was dealing with Bryan Tucker, Damien was scratching and clawing at gaining the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, but couldn't quite make it, coming up short so many times leaving him more and more dejected with every failure. It was becoming clear that Sterling Oil's advisor Richard R. Russell was becoming frustrated with 'The Revolutionary' not getting the job done, he was not adding the biggest trophy to Sterling Oil's cabinet. As the months continued Russell was turning his attentions to Shawn Johnson more and more with Damien becoming more of an afterthought in Sterling Oil's plans in taking over WrestleZone. Damien was replaced as the golden boy of Sterling Oil.

The situation accelerated just before the Regal Rumble event in 2017. Richard R. Russell laid out the game plan to his boys, Shawn Johnson was the chosen one to win the Regal Rumble, William and Alan were in agreement while Damien didn't look totally convinced in Russell's decision. The final four were Shawn Johnson, Grado, Mr P and Damien. Johnson watched Damien being thrown over the top rope by Mr P, neglecting to help his Sterling Oil teammate. Shawn Johnson would go on to win the Regal Rumble booking his place in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy 2017. As Shawn was lifted onto the shoulders of William and Alan, Damien could only look on but it was clear then that he had realised his position in Sterling Oil was moving down further down the ladder.

As Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 arrived, Damien faced Johnny Lions in one final battle. Damien's behaviour had become erratic, choosing to bully Sean Wallace of the Evening Express on route to The Beach Ballroom, he went into the match solo with no Sterling Oil members by his side. It wasn't to be Damien's night as Lions picked up the victory to end their longstanding feud. As Damien had suffered another loss, Shawn Johnson gained the ultimate prize, beating Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Scotty Swift to grab the title that had eluded Russell's team for so long. It wasn't all Shawn Johnson's work with Crusher Craib returning to Sterling Oil to knock out Scotty Swift with a big boot to the skull of 'The Red-Haired Warrior'. During Crusher's ruse he struck a confronting Damien, it was later revealed that Damien wasn't even let into the plan, he was forgotten, further confirming his position in Sterling Oil.

With Crusher Craib back in the fold, Damien was further down the pecking order. It was due to the trust in his talent that lead to the opportunity given to him from WrestleZone management, a match at Battle of the Nations 2017 against the first WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, a moment that humbled 'The Revolutionary' as he requested no intervention from Sterling Oil which Richard R. Russell agreed to. The match would go down as an instant classic in WrestleZone history with Damien taking Tyler Bate to the limit but was ultimately unsuccessful in defeating the WWE UK superstar. Both men received a standing ovation from those in attendance, the opportunity humbled Damien but the reaction of the crowd saw something change in his eyes, he had been accepted by the WrestleZone fans.

That night lead to the moment the fans were waiting for, begging for. After Shawn Johnson successfully defended his Undisputed WrestleZone Championship against Zach Dynamite and Joe Coffey, Richard R. Russell arranged a little gathering of Sterling Oil so they could all thank the champion. Damien only had one thing to say as he dropped the microphone and superkicked Shawn Johnson’s face, letting his actions speak louder than words, he threw down his Sterling Oil hoodie and stared daggers at the stable through the crowd as they stood dumbfounded in the ring. The fans in The Northern Hotel were on their feet as they witnessed Damien finally break away from the faction.

As Halloween Hijinx rolled round, Damien had his chance to take away the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship from Sterling Oil. Damien succeeded in taking the title and defeated Shawn Johnson, putting the exclamation point on his decision to leave Sterling Oil. His reign would only last three months as Johnson took back the title at Summerhill Showdown with a little help from Russell, who used a distraction to kick Damien below the belt allowing Shawn to pick up the scraps and regain the title much to the anger of the WrestleZone fans. Damien had turned his attentions to Richard R. Russell.
WrestleZone management were livid in Russell's actions, finding Russell's wrestler contract to still be valid and adding him to the biggest Regal Rumble match, though Russell would have another trick up his sleeve, swapping his number with Alan Sterling, just after Alan won the right to enter at number twenty five, pinning Damien in that match leaving Damien to enter at number one, giving Russell the best chance to avoid the man that was gunning to rip his head off.

At the Regal Rumble Shawn Johnson retained the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship in the opening contest against Jack Jester and Lewis Girvan while Damien entered the biggest WrestleZone Regal Rumble at number one. Damien outlasted twenty three other wrestlers and as the final countdown approached there was only one man left to enter, as Russell was dragged to the ring it was thought to be only a matter of time before Damien would dump out Russell and book his place against Shawn Johnson at Aberdeen Anarchy X. In a shock turn of events, thanks to Shawn Johnson, Russell used a distraction from the champion to throw Damien over the top rope in front of a stunned crowd at The Northern Hotel.

In light of the ending of the Regal Rumble, WrestleZone management took action and decided that Richard R. Russell would put his title shot on the line against Damien at Battle of the Nations 2018. A year after Damien emphatically left Sterling Oil. Russell would badger management representative Chris MacDonald and was able to make an amendment to the bout, if he won then Russell himself would be the commissioner at Aberdeen Anarchy X.

The atmosphere was tense as Russell and Damien faced off at The Northern Hotel for Battle of the Nations. Russell pleaded his case, he begged for mercy. The fans were on edge, the staff were on edge. Every pinfall was met with baited breath. Every shortcut that Russell could throw out or employ wasn't enough, as Russell's comeuppance arrived in the form of two superkicks delivered to his head so that Damien could finally earn his spot in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy to the eruption of WrestleZone fans.
The match was official, September 1st 2018, Damien versus Shawn Johnson, Undisputed WrestleZone Championship. WrestleZone management had two final surprises.

The main event would have a special ringside enforcer, a man who has won gold inside The Beach Ballroom and knows all about the big fight atmosphere in that venue, former boxing champion “The Aberdeen Assassin” Lee McAllister, to make sure that the playing field is even.

In addition, the grudge match would be contested inside of a steel cage for the first time ever in WrestleZone history. A monumental stipulation added to a colossal contest.
As the days count down to the biggest supershow in WrestleZone history, Aberdeen Anarchy X, there is still time for twists and turns before the cage door slams shut. Damien and Shawn Johnson have a storied past and as the steel cage showdown approaches all eyes are on the main event at The Beach Ballroom.'

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