• Live! in Fraserburgh

    Saturday 14th April - Dalrymple Hall, Fraserburgh

    Damien def. Nathan North

    Bradley Evans def. William Sterling

    Aspen Faith def. Chris Archer

    Crusher Craib def. Blue Thunder

    Alan Stirling def. Scotty Swift

    WZ Title: Shawn Johnson def. Bryan Tucker to retain the title.

  • Regal Rumble 2018

    Saturday 24th March - Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

    Bonus Match: Dino Del Monte def. Blue Thunder

    Undisputed Title: Shawn Johnson def. Lewis Girvan and Jack Jester

    No DQ: Crusher Craib def. Scotty Swift

    Tri-Counties Title: Andy Wild def. Johnny Lions, Mr. P & Aspen Faith to win the title

    Tag Titles: Lou King Sharp & Kreiger def. The Rejected to win the titles

    Richard R. Russell won the 25-man Regal Rumble by last eliminating Damien

  • Live! in Peterhead

    Saturday 10th March - Palace Hotel, Peterhead

    William Sterling def. Blue Thunder

    Zach Dynamite def. Cysto

    Flag Match: Mr. P def. Nathan North

    Rumble Qualifer: Alan Sterling def. Damien

    Crusher Craib & Shawn Johnson def. Bradley Evans & Chris Archer

    Tri-Counties: Aspen Faith def. Scotty Swift to retain the title