Summerhill Showdown 2018

Photography by Brian Battensby

The WrestleZone stars got back to business this past Saturday night with Summerhill Showdown the promotion’s first event of a landmark 10th anniversary year.

Three title matches, a grudge war and a women’s match awaited fans at our city home, the Summerhill Hotel, with the event also marking the return to WrestleZone of Grado, Scottish funnyman and star of BBC’s Scot Squad TV series.

On an eventful night in the WrestleZone, the landscape for 2018 now looks very different. Our web team were ringside for the night’s festivities and here is their recap of a great night of pro-wrestling action in the North-east.

1: Grado brings the house down with amped return!

Six-man tag team action was on the agenda as Grado made a triumphant return to Aberdeen, teaming with Mr. P and Bryan Tucker to take on the trio of Nathan North, William Sterling and Alan Sterling. Fans lapped up the action here which saw their favourites frustrate “Vintage” North and his teammates, with Grado eventually getting the win with the RKO. Fans celebrated with Grado and its clear that the Stevenson had a great time in his return to the North-east, and we can’t wait to the next time we have the Scottish sensation back in the WrestleZone.

2: Rejected get off to a great start

The tag team titles were on the line as The Rejected faced-off to challengers Andy Wild and Jason Reed. The Fife challengers brought the fight into this one looking to start the year in spectacular fashion and take the titles from Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago. However, the champions had something else in reserve and in the end, were able to see-off the challengers after using their superior tag team experience to their advantage.

3: Sammii does the double!

Our next contest would see women’s wrestling action return to the Summerhill Hotel as Sammii Jayne took-on Leah Owens after defeating her sister Kasey at the end of 2017. The “Queen” of WrestleZone has made her case to be the best female wrestler in the promotion and having seen off the likes of Viper and Debbie Sharp, she has a valid claim! But in this contest, Leah made a great attempt to knock-off Sammii but eventually she was caught in a Fujiwara Armbar from which there was no escape. Sammii completes a double over the Owens twins and remains on top of the women’s division.

4: Battle of the Bulls

A colossal clash that the whole of the Summerhill Hotel was waiting for, Crusher Craib V Scotty Swift II. And this was nothing like Battle of the Nations, as the “Red-Haired Warrior” came out fighting against the “Creator of Carnage”. As predicted, the new ring could not contain this bout as these two bulls charged at each other and turned the Summerhill Hotel into their wrestling ring. But things turned nasty as a steel chair was introduced into matters with Crusher Craib begging Swift to use the chair! Use it he did as he smashed Crusher Craib in the guts, causing the disqualification but really settling nothing between these two!

5: Tri-Counties drama

Opening the event was the battle for the Tri-Counties as Zach Dynamite defended against former champion Aspen Faith. And the “King of Catch” and “Fully Loaded” ZD worked up a storm as the first match of 2018 lived up to its billing! The wild card in this match were the wrestlers respective seconds; Sammii Jayne accompanying Aspen while Bradley Evans was ringside for Zach Dynamite. It did not take them too long to get involved but a fateful slipup from Bradley momentarily distracted Dynamite, and this was enough for Faith to scoop Dynamite for a massive piledriver that was enough for the three-count and to regain the Tri-Counties Championship!

Faith celebrated with Sammii as he became a two-time champion while Zach was consoled in the ring by Bradley Evans after failing in his first big title defence. However, the Summerhill Hotel was about to witness a historic moment as Zach slapped Bradley across the chin and proceeded to beat up his training partner in a fit of rage! As the Summerhill fans roared against ZD’s decision, the landscape for the future looked very different!

6: New WZ Champion

And so the main event as Damien defended his Undisputed Championship against former champion Shawn Johnson, the eyes of the Summerhill Hotel on Richard R. Russell’s men who accompanied Johnson to ringside. However before the match started, there was a big call as William and Alan Sterling were sent packing from ringside, although Triple R was allowed to stay as a sanctioned manager for the contest.

And as the action started, an epic title match continued with both men giving it their best to take home the Undisputed Championship. The atmosphere was tense as both men had chances to win, but the turning point came as referee Mikey Innes’ attention was turned, allowing Richard R. Russell to intervene and strike a low blow on Damien!

The Revolutionary withered in pain as Shawn Johnson capitalised and scored the winning pinfall in front of an angry Summerhill audience. The fans let it be known they were not happy with the result as Shawn Johnson becomes a two-time Undisputed Champion – with the Sterling Brothers returning to celebrate with their main man.

And so an eventful night at Summerhill Showdown with the landscape of the WrestleZone changing dramatically in just one night. Two new champions, new rivalries and the renewal of hostilities mean that 2018 is going to be a very eventful year in the WrestleZone.