Live! in Huntly

The era of Andy Wild as WrestleZone Undisputed Champion began this past Saturday night as pro-wrestling returning to the Stewart’s Hall in Huntly. A large crowd were on-hand as “Unstoppable” Andy would face rival “Tenacious” Johnny Lions in the night’s main event for the gold!

Having ended Scotty Swift’s historic 525-day reign, the new man in town stirred up the crowd ahead of the main event, with the proud Englishman clearly relishing his new-found dominance.

But the challenger was the clear fan favourite here, as former two-time Undisputed Champ Johnny Lions was greeted with a thunderous roar into the cauldron of the Stewart’s Hall.

With the opening bell came huge excitement as Lions and Wild squared-up; champion and challenger in great condition for this top-of-the-bill contest.

From the early exchanges, Wild had the clear advantage in strength and power. Lions though was undeterred and used his superior skills to send Wild ducking for cover.

But the new champion did manage to suppress Lions after he went high-risk, and Wild looked to then put a beating on the Fifer. Having bested the challenger at “Battle of the Nations”, Wild was keen for a repeat here to retain his title.

But Lions’ spirit never faded and he made a courageous comeback into the match fighting against the sheer power of Wild. But while both men gave it their all, the ending of this bout left a lot to be desired!

As Wild looked for the devastating Wildest Driver – a truly crushing variation of the traditional Doctor Bomb – Lions was able to counter into a Hurricanrana and held the cover for a very near two-count!

But as he kicked out, Wild was able to use his superior size and shift his weight, rolling over and landing on-top of Lions. With the additional leverage of a handful of the middle rope, Johnny was pinned to the mat for a controversial three-count!

The Stewart’s Hall gasped as they digested the controversial ending to this bout which promised so much for Johnny Lions. Despite his protestations, Johnny Lions was unsuccessful here and Andy Wild remains, for now, the MAN in the WrestleZone!

Former champion bounces back!

While fortunes for the new champion were positive, how would former title-holder Scotty Swift do in his return to the action? The “Red-Haired Warrior” looked a focussed competitor in his match with “Heavy Metal Hooligan” Mikkey Vago.

From the opening bell, Scotty’s motivation was clearly to make light work of Vago. Credit where it is due, the Rejected member did all he could to suppress Swift but the fan favourite was the one in charge.

The match turned as Vago looked to get dirty with Swift, using his snot rag and preparing to disrespect the former champion. But Swift was ready and fought back with gusto. He attempted the Granite City Driver but could not lock it on – however his Corkscrew Neckbreaker was enough to get the job done!

This was a great return to form for Scotty who has clearly used the disappointment of losing at Halloween Hijinx to inspire him once more. With a rematch for the title well within his sights, we expect Scotty will need more nights like this to get back on top of the game.

Archer scores the win!

While the night did not end well for Mikkey Vago, his tag team partner Chris Archer hoped for better days as he battled Blue Thunder. And before the bout got underway, the “Outcast” was keen to let us know about his disappointment about not being involved in the Tri-Counties Championship tournament.

With that in mind, the “Masked Wonder” enjoyed the opening minutes of this match as he toyed with his rival. But Archer is cunning and used a brief moment when the referee's back was turned to his advantage, dominating his opponent for a long period.

But Thunder soon rallied and looked on the cusp of victory as he ascended to the top rope. However his leap of faith did not pay off as Archer moved, sending Thunder to the canvas and then Archer scored the win with a Crucifix cradlel!

While Chris Archer would moan about not being involved, Huntly would indeed see the next of our 1st Round matches in the tournament to crown the first-ever Tri-Counties Champion. Fans were torn between two fan favourites as Kaden Garrick and Bryan Tucker collided.

The match started off with a battle of wills, but under the microscope of a 10-minute time limit, the action soon picked-up. Tucker failed to win with the Bulldog, while Garrick's Uranage also failed to gain the three-count.

Garrick would repeatedly try for a German Suplex but Tucker would counter, and then capitalised after Garrick hit the turnbuckle hard to the score a narrow victory with a schoolboy, Garrick just failing to beat the three-count!

It was a nice change of pace as both these men acknowledged each other’s efforts after the bell, showing some bit of sportsmanship that is rarely seen these days!

Submission spectacular

Our next contest was one the Huntly fans couldn’t wait to see as Jimbo Bannon was paired against Aspen Faith in singles action! These two men are both known as submissions specialists and from the opening bell, it was clear they were out to outgun each other.

An early exchange would see Bannon try for his Kneebar, but Faith was able to defend and instead went to work on Bannon’s right arm. Using his grappling skills to effect, Bannon would counter and shot for the Kneebar again only for Faith to use a rope break to stop proceedings.

Things took a turn for Bannon when he was nailed with a German Suplex – knocking the stuffing out of the WrestleZone Training Academy graduate.

As the more experienced competitor, Faith was quick to capitalise and began torching the left arm too, hedging his bets in going for the submission against the young rookie.

The “King of Catch” began to dominate the bout as fans looked to cheer on Bannon, and there was a glimpse of light as Bannon once again went for the Kneebar but Faith responded with a barrage of kicks to the arm.

This one was growing intensity as Faith honed in on victory, but was caught with the quick striking ability of Bannon. A rally ended with both men clocking each other, giving Bannon an opportunity back into the match.

Faith missed a pump kick and Bannon rebounded but unfortunately referee Mikey Innes was caught by a stray elbow as Bannon scooped Faith into a kneebar. With Mikey recovering, he missed Aspen Faith tapping-out. Regaining his senses, Innes was there as Bannon was dropped with the shoulder-breaker and had nowhere to go with the Fujiwara Armbar locked in deep, leaving the “King of Catch” as the winner.

Insult was added as Faith held on the hold after the submission, risking permanent damage to the young rookie! However, the records books will show victory for Aspen Faith with Jimbo Bannon learning a tough lesson about life in the WrestleZone.

Six-man tag team action

Finally, six-man tag team action was scheduled for Huntly as the Sterling Oil trio of Alan Sterling, Shawn Johnson and Damien took-on Mr. P, Jason Reed and Cysto #1! However, before the bell the “Tangerine Dream” was taken out by Richard R. Russell’s men, leading to a three-on-two match!

The advantage soon told as Sterling Oil took control, but Jason Reed and Mr P battled valiantly with the Huntly crowd roaring them on. The momentum finally shifted when Cysto returned to the match and proceeded to open up the proverbial can, delivery a trio of stunners to his opponents! However, it was to be for nothing as Cysto fell victim to a vicious Sit-out Fisherman's Buster from Shawn Johnson, scoring the victory for his team!

Even a hard fought victory wasn’t enough for Sterling Oil as an incensed Johnson continued the onslaught after the bell, Cysto being massacred inside the ring with Mr. P & Jason Reed unable to help as Damien and Alan kept them at bay!

However, there was to be a game changer as Bryan Tucker ran out and made a beeline for Shawn Johnson, with Mr. P & Jason Reed joined him in backing down the Sterling Oil trio! A war of words ensued as Sterling Oil were baited back into the ring – but this was not happening in Huntly an Richard R. Russell called them off.

Fans will have to wait and see but it is clear that Sterling Oil’s action are not going unnoticed, and events are sure to come to a head some time very soon!

And so, that was our annual event in Huntly – another great night under the bright lights at the Stewart’s Hall. Thanks to all our fantastic fans who were in attendance. We hope to see you back at ringside for our penultimate event of the year, taking place this Saturday, November 19th, in Arbroath - we can’t wait to see what’s next for the WrestleZone stars. Check out the event page for all the details and info!