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Aberdeen Anarchy 2015

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to look back on Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 – a night when WrestleZone rocked the Beach Ballroom in front of a record attendance for wrestling!

The 1,312 fans who packed-out the historic art-deco venue certainly got their money’s worth on a night when the WrestleZone landscape changed forever.

Over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you the round-up on the supershow held on Saturday 23 May, 2015.

Scotty Swift goes for gold

Going into the Beach Ballroom bout, hometown hero Scotty Swift appeared to be riding a wave of momentum. Since settling his feud with Chris Archer at the end of 2014, the “Red-Haired Warrior” set his sights on singles gold and this supershow would be his first opportunity to achieve that.

But for Scotty, this was more than just a championship challenge. This was the chance to make a dream come true at WrestleZone’s biggest event of the year.

The main event bout had all the twists and turns we have come to expect as the big fight got under starter’s orders. Champion Joe Coffey struck an intimmiating figure as he paraded around the ring looking to get back to Glasgow as soon as possible with his title still in tact.

Knowing that he was stepping into an adverserial enviroment, the “Ironman” looked to make his mark early in the bout and screamed in the microphone for Scotty to give up!

However, those words are not in the vocabulary of the Granite City grappler as he looked to chip away at the rock-hard Coffey and soon the Glasgow grappler knew fine well this would be no easy night.

Indeed, Swift mounted an assault that had Coffey ducking for cover. Showing his true colours, it took a ruse in faking a knee injury to regain the advantage which must have sickened Scotty’s supporters.

It was an important moment in the bout that swung the ascendacy towards the champion. Swift came under increasing pressure as Coffey looked to end the dream early. But Swift showed what he is made of by resisting pressure to give-in, and instead battled back with fericious venom.

With the result hanging in the balance, fans were trasnfixed on the action inside the ring. There was an unfortunate clash as referee Dennis Law was sandwiched by the onrushing Swift, an act conspired by Joe Coffey.

This allowed Coffey to inch closer to victory after a huge Giant Swing, while Scotty also had chances to win but he just could not catch Joe with the Granite City Driver.

The two bulls slugged it out surrounding by a sea of eager faces, and it was with great delight that Scotty found an extra pound of strength to hoist Coffey up onto his shoulders and drill him to the mat with the Driver. A hook of the leg and Scotty desperately covered Joe’s shoulders, referee Mikey Innes having taken over officiating and he slammed the mat with a ONE, TWO & THREE!

The fans in Beach Ballroom rose to their feet, half in shock and half in elation, as it became clear that we had a NEW Undisputed Champion! Scotty Swift, the home-town hero, had done it in Aberdeen, marking the first time he has held WrestleZone’s top prize.

The feat in defeating the “Ironman” Joe Coffey should not be downplayed and must be Scotty’s best ever! But if the moment was sweet for all Scotty’s fans, the atmosphere soon turned sour with what transpired next…

The reunification of Sterling Oil

Scotty in the ring celebrating his victory must have not seen this coming! Holding the Undisputed Championship in his arms, this great moment was ruined as Damien and Lord Alan Sterling attacked the new champion!

The duo for no apparent reason battered Swift who was left drained after such a bruising encounter with Joe Coffey. But coming to the rescue, the Thunder Buddies charged the ring in an apparent act of heroism!

However, William Sterling would shock the Beach Ballroom as he clotheslined his tag team partner Blue Thunder, drilling him to the ground in a fit of rage! The reason behind their assault was soon clear as the trio revealed Sterling Oil t-shirts on underneath their jackets!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Sterling Oil where a faction that appeared consinned to the history books after dominating the WrestleZone for years. However, the reunification of the brothers William & Alan Sterling along with the “Revolutionary” Damien left its mark on Scotty Swift and Blue Thunder.

As the trio made a move to add the exclamation point, the locker room emptied and Sterling Oil bailed, knowing their job was complete.

So what does this mean for the future of WrestleZone? The trio have refused our web team’s request for an interview and it appears we will all have to wait to find out what’s behind the souring of our main event bout.

But what is clear is the future of WrestleZone has changed markedly in just a few short minutes. The news that Sterling Oil are back has left a bitter taste in the mouth of wrestlers, not least Scotty Swift who was rival #1 first time round.

Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 may turn out to be the start of good times to come for Scotty Swift, but it also marked the end of a remarkable career for one British wrestling legend.

Len Ironside bids farewell

Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 marked the pinnacle of careers but it would also be the end of the road for Councillor Len Ironside. The legendary British wrestling figure had made the decision to hang up his boots some time ago, but had all eyes focussed on settling a rivalry with Aspen Faith at our biggest event of the year and regaining his British Empire & Commonwealth Middleweight Championship belt.

Backing up his brains was the brawn of legendary WWE star Hardcore Holly. Holly had specifically responded to Len’s request for assistance in taking on Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions in this tag team contest, and the multi-time former WWE tag team and Hardcore champion was looking forward to sticking up for the Old School of British Wrestling.

As this was Len’s first-ever American rules bout, it was Hardcore Holly sent in to test out the opposition and the master of the Alabama Slam has certainly not lost a step! He turned back the clock and hit a barrage of chops onto Faith and Lions in a great display that had the fans delighted!

But the cunning duo of Faith and Lions, accompanied by Sammii-Jayne, did really well to isolate Holly and went to work on the WWE legend. With Ironside’s encouragement, Holly had to battle not one but two opponents as they made referee Dennis Law’s life a nightmare.

But in the end, Holly’s experience helped him battle back and make the tag to Cllr Ironside, who came in with a fierce look on his face. He battered Faith and then in a daring feat hit a crossbody from the second rope to score the victory!

The Beach Ballroom came unglued as the winning pinfall was counted and Len Ironside finally got revenge on the cocky “King of Catch”. A remarkable career came to an end in one of Len’s favourite venues, and with tears in his eyes, he said a massive thank you to the fans and the talents of Hardcore Holly.

The Old School duo had dished out a lesson to Faith & Lions and Len really deserved this one last time in the limelight. The victory also allowed Len to reclaim his British Empire & Commonwealth Middleweight Championship, the belt having been stolen by Faith in the build-up to the Beach Ballroom clash.

With retirement now a reality, Len has promised not to be a stranger at WrestleZone events and looks forward to sitting back and watching the next generation in action.

But for one last night, Len Ironside found himself under the bright lights getting his hand raised in victory – a fitting end to a wonderful career. From everyone on the WrestleZone web team, we wish Len all the best!

Carnage rules at Anarchy!

The running was at an end at Aberdeen Anarchy as Crusher Craib would finally get his hands on the man he blames for losing the Undisputed Championship; Damien! But the sweetener to the deal was the addition of “Revolution Rules” meaning there were no count-outs and no disqualifications for this bout!

Both men made their way to the ring intent on making a statement and both Crusher Craib and Damien looked up for the fight in this one.

While Damien made the first move, it was the “Creator of Carnage” who made all the running as he smashed and punched Damien into oblivion. The “Revolutionary” looked for cover and made his way to the stage, with Crusher following close behind.

However, the Crusher would be blinded by the use of a fire extinguisher blowing fumes into his eyes, and this would be an advantage Damien would look to exploit. With weapons at his disposal including canes, chairs, bins, metal sheets, there was a chance to do some real damage here.

Damien would slam Crusher Craib through two steel chairs having baited him into a prone position on the second rope! This was amazing but was not enough to keep his shoulders down for the three-count.

Crusher would get his revenge as he slammed Damien onto a pile of metal sending a crunching vibration through the Beach Ballroom. The Black Hole Slam still could not get the job done, and as both men tried to do anything they could to put the other away Damien would do what many would say was too far and strike Crusher over the head with a chair! We thought it was all over but in an act of desperation Crusher would score the win with a Big Boot knocking Damien’s teeth down his throat!

The pinfall in the Revolution Rules bout served as a great tonic and some degree of retribution. However, the final chair shot was still ringing around the Ballroom and it left Crusher in need of extensive medical attention. So while Crusher might have won the battle, the war between the two looks set to continue.

Our last update had Crusher Craib refusing tests but he appears to have sustained no long-term damage, however is set to be out of action for a number of weeks. When he comes back, we are sure that Crusher Craib will be ready to resume the fight against the “Revolutionary”.

D’Von Dudley & Chris Masters keep their promises

WWE legends D’Von Dudley and Chris Masters were up for the fight in their respective matches at Aberdeen Anarchy.

Firstly, D’Von Dudley would partner the Thunder Buddies to take-on the trio of the Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago & Lou King Sharp and it was clear the 24-time tag team champion was out to have some fun!

After rebuffing Lou King Sharp’s attempts at offence, Dudley silenced the Ballroom with a vicious chop that shuddered the rafters! The Thunder Buddies too joined the action, but the Dogs of War managed to combine and down Blue Thunder.

Cheered on by his teammates, the “Masked Wonder” did his best to break free and eventually tagged in D’Von Dudley, who came in roaring against his opponents. With victory in mind, Thunder would re-enter the contest but was caught by Archer who used the tights to score the victory!

This was not in the plan for the night and the Thunder Buddies looked to get some revenge along with D’Von Dudley. The trio hit the Wassup! and there was only one thing the Beach Ballroom wanted to see; TABLES!

The Buddies obliged and set-up the table in the middle of the ring; with Mikkey Vago and Lou King Sharp knowhere to be seen, D’Von Dudley slammed the grease monkey Chris Archer right through the wood to an amazing ovation. Oh my brother, what a moment!

If D’Von Dudley was doing what he did best, so was Chris Masters. His partnership with Scottish wrestling icon Grado and teacher-turned-grappler Mr. P brought the house down as they took on the Royal Court trio of Lord Alan Sterling, Mr. Malice & Jeeves Winchester. In order to ensure fairness, Sterling had also secured the services of Sir Andrew Wild and he was out to make Masters pay that night!

Given the 4-on-3 odds, this one did end in a mass brawl and it was the trio who outgunned their opponents. In an amazing scene, Masters, Grado and Mr. P managed to lock-on the Masterlock for the submission victory!

With Madonna pumping through the soundsystem, the trio danced along as the crowd went crazy on another great night at the Beach Ballroom. All our guests had a great time in Scotland and want to thank the great fans for turning out to see them!

Aberdeen Anarchy round-up

The rest of our card at the Beach Ballroom would see the tag team champions, the Hotshots, in very different environments.

While Shawn Johnson was on triple threat duty, Bryan Tucker faced the demonic Jack Jester and took one hell of a hiding from the former Undisputed Champion. But despite everything that ‘Mad Jack’ threw at Tucker, the Hotshot kept getting to his feet.

In the end though, Jester would hit the Tombstone Piledriver to confine Tucker to defeat, but mockingly tipped his hat to Tucker as he refused staff help to make it back to his feet!

Meanwhile, our opening contest may be one of the best contests ever seen at Aberdeen Anarchy. Shawn would face both Bingo Ballance and the debuting Kenny Williams and expectations of a cracker were exceeded for this one.

The “Zenith of Zero Gravity” was matched here as both Williams and Johnson busted out a high-flying trick or two! The action came thick-and-fast but with Bingo in the ascendancy, it was Williams who would capitalise as he stole Bingo’s pin on Johnson to make his debut a winning one!

While the event was not so good for the Hotshots, Aberdeen Anarchy also marked the return to action of Kaden Garrick from injury. The “Gaelic Gorilla” was in fine form during our exclusive match for Ringside ticket-holders, and speared Malysto #1 into oblivion to score the victory!

What is for sure is that Garrick is delighted to be back in action and is looking to make sure that he has a big part to play at next year’s event.

That marks the end of our roundup of the biggest event of the WrestleZone calendar. We want to thank everyone of the 1,312 record-setting audience who made for such a great night inside the Beach Ballroom. For sure while this marked the end of some rivalries, the consequences look to set to continue and we are looking forward to our next event in Ellon taking place on Saturday 27th June at the Victoria Hall.