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Arbroath Live! 2014

22nd November 2014 - Community Centre, Arbroath

Angus ahoy – the WrestleZone grapplers made a big splash in Arbroath this past Saturday night as the build to Christmas Chaos continued.

A top night of action was in store for an enthusiastic crowd at the Arbroath Community Centre and from start to finish, this event set the scene for our upcoming end-of-year showcase on December 6th.

The wild and chaotic nature of WrestleZone would be exemplified in our opening contest as the action got under referee’s orders…

Six-man tag team chaos!

For the very first-time, all the masked grapplers in WrestleZone would battle in one match where only one team could emerge the victor. On one side, Los Cystos and Blue Thunder would unite to fight a common cause in the Super Executioner and the Malystos.

Since picking up a tag team victory in Newtonhill earlier this month, the “Tangerine Dream Team” have found their smile once more and are now looking to put an end to Mr. Malice’s marauders.

But in the early stages of this one, it was Malice who bore the brunt as after an impromptu game of duck-duck-goose (don’t ask!) Malice found himself under the cosh of a six-grappler sandwich! Ouch…

While the Cystos and Thunder would eventually gain the victory, it was Mr. Malice who would find himself foiled once more as he ended up in a heap with his men on the outside. This left Los Cystos to surprise Super Executioner for the three-count and earn the victory for their team.

Faith and KT combine

Our next contest would see the “King of Catch” Aspen Faith look to return to winning ways following back-to-back losses in his challenge for the Undisputed Championship. While Faith could not defeat Crusher Craib, the brash grappler came very close.

Here he took on tag team champion Bryan Tucker, returning to singles action and looking to finally score a victory over Faith who he has never beaten.

But it was the influence of KT Kane who struck gold for Faith here as her distraction allowed her charge to take control. The SMASHer beat and pounded Tucker but the valiant Hotshot did his best to battle back!

But after hitting a sunset flip from the ring apron, Faith managed to shift his weight and pin Tucker’s shoulders down to the mat. With the assistance from KT Kane, Faith would score the victory to continue his perfect record over Tucker, although the fans were pretty unhappy with the nature of this smash-and-grab!

Scotty takes a chunk out of Archer

Our next bout would have huge ramifications for Christmas Chaos as Scotty Swift prepared for his one-on-one contest with Chris Archer with a bout against his bodyguard The Alpha Male. However, the sweetener for the “Red-Haired Warrior” was that if he could beat the Ultimate Athlete, then Male would be barred from ringside at the Summerhill Hotel!

With huge motivation, Male tried to stamp his dominance and complete his master’s dirty work. No doubt, Alpha Male held the size and strength advantage and he looked to make Swift pay with a series of power moves that left the fan favourite withering in pain.

But Swift is resilient and he would battle back against the giant, and came within inches of securing the victory until he was caught by Alpha Male after a distraction from Chris Archer. The bodyguard set-up for the Fall Away Slam, only for Swift to snatch a quick reversal and score the pinfall to a great ovation!

Scotty’s fans celebrated and the “Red-Haired Warrior” will now clearly be the red hot favourite, and we are sure that Chris Archer is not looking forward to Christmas Chaos now that he will be without his hired henchman.

Mr. P downed again

Our next bout would see Mr. Paterson look to score a huge victory as he battled former Undisputed Champion Damien. The Revolution member is still smarting having lost the tag team titles at Halloween Hijinx, but he would look to refocus here and take out one of management’s golden grapplers.

And despite the huge gap in experience, it was Mr. Paterson who made all the running here, until we were joined at ringside by Lord Alan Sterling and Jeeves Winchester. These two conspired to humiliate Dave last month and Damien looked to take advantage of the added distraction.

But despite throwing all he could at Paterson, Damien just could not put his opponent away. Feeding off the support from the Arbroath fans, Mr. P came roaring back into the bout, knocking Damien down and turning the screw on his opponent.

But with Lord Sterling still at ringside, he would look to strike once more against Mr. P! With one strike from Jeeves’ shoe, Sterling would once again down Paterson, who was nailed with the Codebreaker by Damien for the three-count!

Lord Sterling was quick to exit ringside – with a seething Mr. Paterson ready to even the score…

Someone’s going to get SPEARED

Tag team action was next on the card as Lord Sterling teamed with Chris Archer to take on the dup of William Sterling and Kaden Garrick. With Archer seemingly absent-minded, Sterling would beat-down on the “Outcast”, while Garrick certainly had fun battering Lord Sterling throughout this bout.

But this bout would turn as Mr. Paterson returned to ringside as Sterling and Archer looked set for victory following a massive Spinebuster to Garrick.

Lord Sterling was drawn into a debate with Mr. Paterson – who had retrieved Jeeves’ shoe after his bout – and would strike Sterling in a measure of payback! Sterling would turn round into a massive Spear that lifted the roof off the community centre – and gave Garrick and Sterling the win!

Crusher defends his crown

Main event time with a first-ever Triple Threat bout in store for WrestleZone fans. Former Undisputed Champion Johnny Lions would fight with Shawn Johnson and current title-holder Crusher Craib with the winner picking up the Undisputed Championship.

Before the champion could enter, Shawn Johnson would make a beeline for Johnny Lions having been injured at the hands of Revolution this past October. The fight was on as these two battled around, but the patient Crusher Craib took his time to get to the ring and looked to join-in the action!

This bout had everything – high flying moves, submissions and punishing impact with all three men putting their bodies on the line in the quest for gold.

The nature of these bouts puts the champion at a disadvantage, but the “Creator of Carnage” would not back down here as he took on both men with gusto. But Lions is an experienced-competitor and on a number of occasions, focussed in on Johnson in an attempt to win.

In truth, all three men put in a hell of an effort and came so close to winning the championship. Johnson went high-risk and attempted to down Lions, only for the Tenacious One to counter and hit a massive leg drop on Johnson.

But there was no time for recovery as Crusher Craib took his chance to hit a cracking Big Boot to a seated Johnny Lions to win this bout and retain the Undisputed Championship.

So the “Creator of Carnage” faces one more title bout this year with the challenge of Jackie Polo at Christmas Chaos. Crusher put on a great performance here to down two of WrestleZone’s best but he will need a performance of a similar calibre to end the year with the Undisputed Championship.

The Arbroath fans certainly enjoyed this one and will be looking forward to our end-of-year spectacle which will decide the make-up of the WrestleZone heading into 2015.