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Christmas Chaos 2014

6th December 2014 - Summerhill Hotel, Aberdeen

The final WrestleZone event of the year would see the grapplers get into the festive spirit, with several top contests set to end 2015 in style.

The Summerhill Hotel was jammed as fans made their way to Christmas Chaos looking forward to the night’s action.

With defences of both championships as well as the annual Xmas Brawl in store, it was up to WrestleZone MC Martyn Clunes to get us underway with our opening contest…

New Tag Team Champions?

We would get the event off to a cracking start as the unlikely duo of Aspen Faith and Super Executioner joining forces to take on the Hotshots for the gold. After seeing the challengers failing to bond in the lead-up to Christmas Chaos, the fans were looking forward to see how the unlikely pairing would work.

While the ‘King of Catch’ made his intentions clear that he was going it alone, he could not contend with the speed and flexibility of Shawn Johnson who made the running early on.

Executioner would tag himself in and made a meal of it, with Faith looking to rescue their championship hopes. Indeed, Faith would target the leg of Shawn Johnson and put a beating on the Hotshot’s injured limb.

But Executioner was not content to be a bystander, and would continue to tag himself in, only to lose the momentum that Faith had built. Eventually, this was too much for the ‘King of Catch’ who left Executioner to his own end, bringing an end to their alliance!

Executioner would mark his end going down in flames with Shawn securing the win with the Fisherman Suplex to send the Hotshots into 2015 with the tag team titles in-tact.

Garrick makes a BIG impact

Our next contest would see young Kaden Garrick take on a big test in debutant Lewis Girvan, who did not endear himself to the Aberdeen crowd.

But while Girvan proved to have the technical edge over the first year rookie, when the match came down to power, there was only going to be one winner!

Garrick knocked Girvan down repeatedly, sending the young grappler heading for the hills for cover. Girvan resorted to less technical means to gain control of Garrick and suppressed his power with two barrels of fight.

But the fight would pick-up steam as both men threw everything at each other, but when all was said and done, it was Garrick who had his hand raised in victory after catching Girvan with the Spear out of nowhere to gain the three-count to a great ovation.

Scotty and Archer collide!

The match the Summerhill Hotel had been waiting for; home town hero Scotty Swift was pumped for this one–on-one contest and looking to finally get the grease monkey off his back!

‘The Outcast’ Chris Archer knew that without the huge presence of the Alpha Male to guide him through, he would need some assistance to see off the ‘Red-Haired Warrior’ in his own backyard.

Before Scotty got into the ring, Archer send him flying from the ring apron to the floor. Scotty would demand the bell to be rung despite the early attack and this only added fuel to his fire.

Scotty rallied and made a beeline for Archer. Eventually the action spilled outside and while Archer tried a tope, Scotty would catch him and looked to send him hurtling into the ring post, however it was Scotty who tasted the steel.

And while Archer found himself in control, he was not dominant enough to put Scotty away. Both men found themselves downed after Scotty hit a massive deadlift superplex, but after just beating the 10-count, Archer just kicked out of a near fall!

Eventually, Archer would lure Swift in after pleading with referee Dennis Law for leniency, only for Scotty to inadvertently knock Dennis out!

With the referee down, who would return to ringside? None other than Archer’s bodyguard the Alpha Male, who passed a metal chain to Archer. Scotty was stuck between a rock and hard place as Archer looked primed to strike!

Scotty initially fought off Archer’s attention and instead made a swing for the Alpha Male who ducked and sent Scotty spinning into a loaded right-hand from Archer! Reviving the referee, Archer went for the cover and it looked all over, but Scotty valiantly kicked out!

With Dennis Law back to his feet, the Alpha Male made himself scarce and a desperate Archer looked to strike again with the chain. But this time, Law intervened and stopped Archer’s illegal attack!

With no hope left, Scotty was able to scoop up his foe and hit the Granite City Driver, but somehow Archer squirmed free! But it was a case of second time lucky as Scotty’s desire to win allowed him to hit a second Granite City Driver.

Scotty made the cover and the Summerhill crowd went crazy as the favourite finally scored a one-on-one victory over Chris Archer over one year in the making! This was the perfect Christmas gift for Scotty’s fans who have followed him on this journey and as 2014 ends, the

“Red-Haired Warrior” is now free to focus his attentions elsewhere having finally defeated “The Outcast”.

Who is going to be busy on Xmas Day?

Our next bout had a very special stipulation as the loser between Lord Alan Sterling and Mr. Paterson would have to be the other’s butler on Christmas Day. Indeed, the Queen’s Representative in WrestleZone was accompanied to the ring by Jeeves Winchester, who would be grateful of the help on December 25th.

Having been humiliated in recent weeks, Mr. P was quick to get this one started as Lord Sterling ducked for cover. With the support of the crowd ringing in his ears, Dave relished finally getting his hands on Sterling having recently suffered defeats thanks to Winchester’s shoe!

But as the tables were turned, Mr. P found himself with the shoe in hand and ready to strike! But given the stip here, Lord Sterling did not cower away and instead urged Mr. Paterson to strike him to cause the disqualification!

It was clearly hard for Paterson to resist but spotting an advancing Jeeves Winchester out of the corner of his eye, he would instead look to drop the butler. But this would have a big cost for Mr. P as in the melee, Sterling would score a schoolboy and with the assistance of the ropes, scored a shocking victory!

The Summerhill Hotel was stunned as the ramifications of this bout were made clear – Mr. Paterson will have to be Lord Sterling’s butler on Christmas Day!

Crusher Vs. Polo

Our next bout would see the Undisputed Championship on the line as Crusher Craib battled his final challenger of 2014, Jackie Polo. “Scotland’s Best Wrestler” picked up the #1 Contendership at Halloween Hijinx, and as he made his way to the ring in confident mood, the fans wondered whether this would be one step too far for Crusher.

The “Creator of Carnage” made a great impact in the early minutes of this match as Polo’s plan to fight fire-with-fire did not go down too well with the champion. Indeed, these bulls matched each other, chop for chop, punch for punch, and it was clear we were seeing an epic battle of two behemoths.

While Crusher held the edge, the momentum would turn as he missed a shoulder tackle in the corner and Polo went to work on the damaged joint. Focussing all his attentions, the “King of Chat” made a great attempt to bring down the giant, all the while encouraging the fans to sing his name.

Polo tied up the Crusher good, and the pain and frustration was clearly getting to him but the giant was able to rally as he scooped the goby Glaswegian up and dropped him with the Electric Chair Drop!

The massive collision rocked the Summerhill Hotel and gave Crusher enough time to make it back to his feet. Crusher would fight the pain in his arm to begin to knock Polo all over the ring but was goaded in after missing a splash from the second rope!

Polo would then score a near fall after a massive knee drop from the second rope! Sensing the championship was just a moment away, Jackie would go up to the top rope and looked to land a second Knee Drop, but this time Crusher moved!

The champion was quick to counter and hit the Big Boot which was just enough to down the challenger and ensure Crusher Craib moves into the New Year still the WrestleZone Undisputed Champion. Despite the huge challenges of recent months, the “Creator of Carnage” remains the man to be beat as we head into 2015…

Stand back Aberdeen…

There’s a Hurricane coming through! WrestleZone MC Martyn Clunes had the honour of announcing our first guest for Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 at the Beach Ballroom will be none-other than the former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion, The Hurricane.

The fans were clearly excited by this news and we can’t wait to see the former WWE superstar in action next May!

Xmas Brawl 2

The main event of Christmas Chaos would mark an incredible night of action as two teams battled to end the year on a high! With this chaos set to alight the WrestleZone, there was only one man who could take control for this one, with special referee SANTA CLAUS out to ensure order at this festive fight!

As the Malystos and Revolution made their way to the ring, their thoughts on Christmas were clear! Bah Humbugs they may be, but would they end up with Christmas cake on their faces by the end of this one?

As Los Cystos and Blue Thunder made their way to the ring, the fans wondered exactly where William Sterling was? But given their memo to embrace the festive spirit, it appeared that Sterling had went the extra mile for the fans, dressing up as a Christmas Elf!

So with that in mind, the match quickly got underway and it wasn’t long before the Christmas decorations came tearing down in a match where the use of all festive items was legal!

Indeed, there were just too many highlights to mention including Malysto #2 being dressed as his own Christmas Tree, while Revolution got the point of Christmas after being Atomic Dropped onto Xmas Trees. A poor inflatable snowman was also sacrificed as Chaos ensued, with Thunder, Sterling and the Cystos dominating here to victory!

With Revolution bailing and the Malystos otherwise engaged, it was up to Mr. Malice to enter the ring and protest the result! But Santa Clause had two special gifts for Mr. Malice; a festive dog toy and a right hook that sent the “Greatest of All the Malices” to the floor!

This was a great way to end 2014 with the annual Christmas brawl, and as Santa, the Cystos and the Buddies handed out gifts to all our great fans, the curtain came down on a great year in the WrestleZone. We want to wish all our fans a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and are already looking forward to getting 2015 off to a great start at the Cloverleaf Hotel on Saturday 17 January. See you in the New Year!