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Cloverleaf Live! 2015

17th January 2015 - Cloverleaf Hotel, Aberdeen

Just one last time, WrestleZone would bring the house down at the Cloverleaf Hotel with our first foray of 2015. Several top bouts were in store for a packed crowd as the grapplers looked to get the year off to the best possible start.

Alan Sterling scores the win!

Our opening contest pitted Lord Alan Sterling against fan favourite Bryan Tucker in singles action in a change to our advertised bout. Young Kaden Garrick was forced to pull out of the bout through injury leaving Sterling and Tucker to lock horns once more!

This one got the year off to a flier as current tag team champion Tucker took the bout to Sterling, leading the hotel in chants of chicken against the Lord who was on his own for this bout, with Jeeves Winchester preparing for his showdown with Mr. P later in the evening.

But although the Hotshot made all the running in this match, it was Lord Sterling who would win on opening night after hitting the Backcracker for a shock three-count. The Queen’s Representative in WrestleZone revelled in the victory while Tucker will want to do better the next time he’s in action.

Mystery man comes to Archer’s aid

ed William Sterling taking on the grease monkey, Chris Archer in singles action. After losing to nemesis Scotty Swift at Christmas Chaos, the “Outcast” was out to make amends here and knock off one of the WrestleZone’s premier big match performers.

The size difference here was telling as Sterling made all the running early on until Archer caught a break and went to work on the Thunder Buddie. But as Archer grew ever more desperate, the support of the Cloverleaf fans willed William on!

It was with gusto that the former tag team champion stormed back into the match, and looked to sweep the floor with Archer! However, just as Sterling looked set to drill Archer with the Chokeslam Backbreaker, he was attacked by a mystery man clad in denim.

The unidentified grappler came from the back and was clearly in cahoots with Chris Archer! But all was not lost as Blue Thunder came to the rescue and sent Archer and the mystery man packing.

restleZone management’s Chris McDonald is on the case to identify this mystery grappler and we hope to have an update in due course.

Johnson and Damien collide

A bout three months in the making would come to a head at the Cloverleaf Hotel as Shawn Johnson and Damien collided! This was an all-out brawl with neither man willing to step back.

Indeed, it was Johnson who took the fight to his Revolution rival as he looked to exact revenge for the crucial knee injury that left Johnson in need of minor surgery and ruled him out of Halloween Hijinx.

The battle saw these two take to the floor, with Johnson hitting an incredible cross body onto Damien prone on a chair! Back in the ring, it was Damien who took control and he looked to smother the life out of Johnson.

But the current tag team champion has more fight than you can imagine, and willed on by the Cloverleaf crowd, he battled back into contention! There was a shocking conclusion to this one after Johnson hit a Double-footstomp to Damien lying on the floor.

That took its toll on the beleaguered wrestler and soon enough Shawn Johnson was able to score the victory and a little bit of revenge over his fierce rival.

Lou King Sharp has arrived!

After a short interval, we returned to action at the Cloverleaf Hotel with a debut from the notorious Lou King Sharp – your mother’s favourite wrestler none-the-less! While the cockiness and bravado of the “eight stone, five foot five” grappler was clear for all to see, it was a homecoming for Scotty Swift as the WrestleZone favourite took one last bow at the Cloverleaf Hotel!

The pint-sized Sharp put up more of a fight than expected here, but it was clear the “Red-Haired Warrior” was out to entertain the fans on this last night at the Cloverleaf.

Sharp got the point after trying to escape from Scotty Swift – and found his jewels wrapped round the ring post for good measure! But despite the fun Scotty had here, Lou King Sharp would get serious for one moment and he looked to make his advantage pay dividends.

No doubt, Sharp has some fight in his arsenal and he needed all his good luck battling one of the WrestleZone’s best. Determined, Sharp went one high-flying move too far and offered Swift a route back into the match.

Scotty would take the opportunity with both hands and laid claim to his first 2015 victory here after pinning Lou King Sharp’s shoulders to the mat. A delightful victory for the hometown crowd, but for Sharp, the night did not end well as his tantrums could be heard all around the Cloverleaf Hotel!

Jeeves sets foot inside the ring!

Our next bout would bring a burning issue to a head as Mr. Paterson would go one-on-one with Jeeves Winchester, with Lord Alan Sterling’s butler set to pay for antics over previous months. But before this bout could begin, Sterling had a surprise for the Cloverleaf Hotel!?

There was a new member of the team, as he introduced “Vice Executive of Butler Relations” Mr. Malice to the hotel. Complete with floral pinny and rubber gloves, it seems the “Rottweiler” has found a home in the company of Lord Alan Sterling.

With all the antics going on, Mr. P was left speechless, but regardless, he looked to finally take down Jeeves Winchester. And despite the meddling of Lord Alan Sterling and Mr. Malice, Mr. P did finally nail Jeeves with his own shoe and scored the victory to settle this one.

Now that this issue has been settled, Mr. P can look to a bright 2015 safe in the knowledge that Winchester will think twice about getting himself involved in matters above his station. Some advice Jeeves; stick to the dishes from now on…

Aberdeen Anarchy Bonus

You’ve probably already heard the news and if not, where have you been?! WrestleZone management’s Chris McDonald has made a huge impression after announcing not one, not two, but THREE former WWE superstars are coming to Aberdeen this May!

D-Von Dudley, Hardcore Holly and Chris Masters will all be in action on Saturday 23 May as Aberdeen Anarchy returns to the Beach Ballroom

The announcement was greeted by great cheers at the Cloverleaf Hotel and the message is clear – get your tickets fast, as this promises to be the biggest independent wrestling supershow in Aberdeen EVER!

A shocking end at the Cloverleaf Hotel

Main event time and our last bout at the Cloverleaf Hotel was a real stormer! Tag team action would see Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions team up to take on two of Scotland’s best.

Returning to WrestleZone was the “Ironman” Joe Coffey and he would form a formidable tandem with current Undisputed Champion Crusher Craib, who was presented with the new championship belt commissioned by management. Pictures of the beautiful championship can be found on the WrestleZone Facebook page, and it really is a cracker. Bravo!

This bout started in civilised fashion with Coffey showing his superior skills to a frustrated Aspen Faith. Sensing a downturn, the “Tenacious” One would jump his opponent and Crusher Craib did not need a second invitation to join the action!

The brawl spilled throughout the hotel as these four grapplers threatened to tear the building down…literally! But things soon settled down and it was Crusher and Coffey on the ascendancy until the Queen of SMASH stuck her oar in, and allowed Faith and Lions to take control of Coffey!

Lions has been involved in many of the top bouts at the Cloverleaf Hotel, and he was determined to sign-off with a victory here! Lions and Faith worked well to subdue the Ironman, but as his nickname suggests, it was going to take a lot more to down Coffey!

Indeed, Coffey would send Lions and Faith sprawling and he eventually made the tag to a hyped-up “Creator of Carnage”. He would swat Faith and Lions from pillar-to-post, and seemed set for victory until he was caught by a double-team from his foes. Coffey would return to dump Faith but he would then look to send Lions to a grizzly end!

But the “Tenacious One” would reverse and sent Coffey flying into a Big Boot from the champion! Lions looked to pounce with the Lion Cutter, only for Crusher to power out and smack Lions with a Big Boot. Faith thought twice about breaking up the cover and that was it, Crusher and Coffey were the winners!

But for anyone who thought the action was over, they were wrong as an irate Coffey returned to the ring – and attacked Crusher Craib! Seemingly angry with being big booted, the “Ironman” did a number over the champion and had to be pulled off by security as mayhem ensued.

Leaving the Cloverleaf Hotel to a chorus of boos, Joe Coffey proclaimed his hatred for Aberdeen and promised Crusher Craib that he was coming for his Undisputed Championship! A shocking end to our last night at the Cloverleaf Hotel, nobody could have predicted that end!

See you in Montrose on Saturday 21 February for our next stop on the road to the Regal Rumble!