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Huntly Live! 2014

8th November 2014 - Stewart's Hall, Huntly

Part two of our big weekend double-header would see the WrestleZone stars return to the Stewart’s Hall in Huntly for a second night of top quality pro-wrestling action.

Both the Undisputed Championship and Tag Team titles would be up-for-grabs in rematches from Halloween Hijinx, with both Crusher Craib and the Granite City Hotshots out to hold onto the gold despite fierce competition in their respective divisions.

A night of great action in front of a packed crowd would begin with a surprise early on!

Archer avoids Scotty one last time!

Originally scheduled as a tag team bout, Chris Archer would inform the crowd ahead of this one that he had given the Alpha Male the night off from action… and because of their upcoming bout at Christmas Chaos, Scotty Swift would have to watch on as Archer faced Kaden Garrick in singles action.

Despite avoiding the “Red-Haired Warrior”, Archer’s cockiness would come back to haunt him as he matched up to powerhouse Garrick, who popped “The Outcast” right from the start!

It was a sign of things to come, with Archer missing the assistance usually provided by the Alpha Male. Indeed, there was to be no happy ending for “The Outcast” as he fell victim to a spine-tingling Spear which continued Garrick’s great winning run!

Meanwhile, Archer has just under four weeks to get ready for his showdown with Scotty Swift at the Summerhill Hotel, and he may now regretting ducking his arch rival in Huntly.

Dazzling debut by Danny boy!

Next up was the debut appearance of young Danny Chase, the latest graduate from the WrestleZone Training Academy. Chase impressed at an invite-only Proving Grounds event last month, so much so that WrestleZone management were quick to sign his full debut against Malysto #1.

And not even the influence of Mr. Malice at ringside could distract from an amazing debut from the lightning quick Chase! Busting out moves never seen before in the WrestleZone, the fans breath was taken away as Chase lived up to his big billing.

He made it a dream debut as he scored the victory with a Sunset Flip and as far as debuts go, this was one hell of a performance from the youngster! With competition heating up in the WrestleZone, it will be interesting to see where Danny goes from here, but first impressions are that he has a great future in the wrestling ring.

The Tangerine Dream Team are back!

Fresh after defeating the Malystos in Newtonhill, Cysto #1 was in action once more as he took on the winless Super Executioner. But for all his bravado, Executioner continues to fail at every opportunity even when in control here against the fan favourite.

Cysto looked to be back to his old tricks, frustrating Super Executioner so much that he just could not keep up with the Tangerine Dream Team.

The ‘Orange One’ would pick-up the victory with a Chokeslam of all things, and with that comes back-to-back victories. Mr. Malice will surely be worried that he has awoken a sleeping giant in Los Cystos…

Crusher Craib V Aspen Faith rematch!

After a short interval, we would return with a huge rematch between Crusher Craib and Aspen Faith, with the Undisputed Championship on the line. Just seven days removed from Halloween Hijinx classic, these two would square-up once more with the “King of Catch” out to score the championship at the second time of asking.

Feeling aggrieved with the ending at Halloween Hijinx, Faith would look to score the win early but the “Creator of Carnage” was ready as these two exchanged big blows.

KT Kane would prove pivotal once more as Faith gained the advantage and looked to make the big one tap once more! But this time, Crusher was ready and fought back valiantly as he withstood great punishment from Faith.

However, this one would not have the conclusive end required! Although the “Creator of Carnage” was able to hit the Big Boot, Faith would tumble out of the ring and failed to beat the 10-count to return to the ring!

Crusher Craib remains Undisputed Champion, but a count-out victory leaves a burning issue between these two. After regaining his senses, Aspen Faith was angry with the outcome that robbed him of the Undisputed Championship and will need to do a lot of thinking as he looks to secure another bout with the Undisputed Champion.

Mr. Paterson scores the win!

Having been humiliated at Halloween Hijinx in losing to Jeeves Winchester thanks to Alan Sterling’s shoe, Mr. Paterson would return to singles action intent on showing he is not a man to mess with!

The teacher by day, wrestler by weekend would take on Malysto #2 and not even Mr. Malice would be a roadblock to victory, as Mr. Paterson made short work of the mysterious Malysto.

After the match, Mr. Paterson would send a message to the absent Lord Alan Sterling; he’s going to regret what he did to the fan favourite at Halloween Hijinx.

Tag Team Mayhem reigns again

After the actions of Shawn Johnson in Newtonhill, this time it was Damien of Revolution who was forced to go solo as Johnny Lions was unable to compete in this three-way tornado tag team title rematch!

The triple threat tag team rules favoured no-one, not least Damien who found himself forced into the match by WrestleZone management’s Chris McDonald, and as soon as Shawn Johnson clamped eyes on the Revolution member, the fight was on!

With the Thunder Buddies also in the mix, carnage reigned in the Stewart’s Hall as these five men battled back-and-forth; until it was clear that Damien was through and sneaked backstage!

Leaving just the Buddies and the Hotshots, both teams battled hard with William Sterling and Blue Thunder holding the advantage. But as they looked to dump Tucker, Damien would return and hit both with a low blow – legal in this bout!

On his own, Damien would need some help and returned to the ring with a steel chair. Fending off Shawn Johnson, Damien was left with Bryan Tucker who he struck twice, leaving the Hotshot in withering pain.

However, Johnson was ready for the fight and battled back against the man who put him in hospital. Johnson would gain some measure of revenge as he hit the Fame Asser on Damien, with the Revolution grappler’s face smacking off the chair!

Returning to the ring, the Buddies looked to capitalise only for Sterling to taste the steel and a double-foot stomp, while Tucker hit the Twist of Fate on Thunder for the three-count and victory!

This was another epic tag team bout that leaves the Granite City Hotshots as the four-time tag team champions. After months of battling between these three top teams, it is Shawn Johnson and Bryan Tucker who stand tall despite an almighty challenge from the Thunder Buddies and Revolution.

Huntly’s wrestling fans were certainly happy having witnessed another great night of action at the Stewart’s Hall. All eyes are now on Arbroath on Saturday 22 November for the penultimate event of 2014…