Live! in Arbroath

WrestleZone Live! In Arbroath

Suplexes and bodyslams visited Arbroath this past Saturday night as the stars from WrestleZone returned to Angus for our annual fight night in the Abbey town.

A rabid crowd was on hand to witness the action at WrestleZone’s penultimate event of the year, and with Christmas Chaos now firmly on the horizon, the destiny of the tag team titles came into sharp focus in the night’s main event.

Current tag team champion Alan Sterling partnered Sterling Oil brothers Shawn Johnson and Damien as they took to six-man tag team action against three of the WrestleZone’s best!

Former Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift teamed with former doubles champions Mr. P & Kaden Garrick for the top-of-the-bill clash at Arbroath Community Centre. And the fans certainly got up close to the action as this bout did not take long to break down the action spilling out to the floor and all around ringside.

The fists were flying between these two factions with all six men fighting fire-with-fire. But the dangerous nature of the sport was brought into focus as Kaden Garrick was driven hard by Alan Sterling, and Garrick found himself carried backstage being unable to continue.

This gave Richard R. Russell’s men the two-on-one advantage and they were ready to pounce, with Damien, Shawn and Alan putting a beating to Garrick’s tag partner Mr. P! Scotty Swift would shout encouragement, but Paterson just couldn’t do enough to make the tag.

Things looked bleak but there was a momentum of inspiration after Scotty Swift was knocked off the ring apron by Mr. P – the sight of Garrick returning to this bout and knocking seven bells out of 

Sterling was loudly cheered by the fans!

Once again, the match broke down and Shawn Johnson looked to take a step t victory as he downed Scotty Swift, only for fierce rival Bryan Tucker to enter the ring and chase-off Johnson, Shawn having cost Tucker the victory in his match with Chris Archer earlier in the evening.

That left a three-on-two advantage the fan favourites – and it was one they made count as Garrick hit a Spear on Alan Sterling for the three-count and victory! Heading into Christmas Chaos, the tag team champion had been pinned and the look on Richard R. Russell’s face said it all! We now know that Mr. P & Kaden Garrick will challenge for the titles on December 3rd and on the back of this victory, there is a great chance of regaining the titles for the third time.

Title tournament continues

The Tri-Counties Championship tournament made its first stop in Angus this past Saturday night – and it turned out to be a quick-fire introduction to our new championship. The latest First Round tie placed “Tenacious” Johnny Lions against Lord Mr. Malice – and this turned out to be quite the contest.

Malice was quick to try and pounce on Lions after the Kirkcaldy grappler looked to deck Jeeves Winchester. From there the beating was on but Malice caught a quick break with a Pumphandle Slam. But in a momentum of delirium, Malice ascended to the top rope but instead of hitting victory, Malice was drilled with a Lion Cutter for the three-count in under three minutes.

Johnny Lions celebrated with his fans after this one knowing that in Arbroath, Johnny Time was short and sweet and he now looks forward to his Quarter Final match scheduled for early 2017.

Another grappler setting-up for an assault at the Tri Counties Championship is pint-sized Glasgow grappler Lou King Sharp. “Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler” was in action here against fan favourite Blue Thunder – the “Masked Wonder” having failed in his first-round bout against Aspen Faith.

But what Lou King Sharp lacks in size he makes up for in bravado – and boy can he talk! By the time the match got underway, fans could not wait to see Thunder kick his teeth in. Always entertaining, Thunder was able to send Sharp into a tantrum but after starting out strong, he found himself under the cosh from his smaller opponent.

Breaking every rule in the book, Sharp honed in on victory but Thunder is always a threat, and he looked set to go until being downed once again with the Code Red! However, that was not enough to gain the victory but it did turn the tide, and a cheeky roll-up was enough to hand Lou King Sharp the victory ahead of his First-Round clash with Zach Dynamite in the Tri-Counties Championship.

Submission special rematch!

A rematch from our recent event in Huntly would see submission specialists Jimbo Bannon and Aspen Faith lock horns once more after the controversial ending in Huntly which saw the referee miss the “King of Catch” tap-out, and instead it was Bannon that was forced into submission.

While their last encounter was a mat classic, this bout started out with a blindside attach as Faith caught the WrestleZone Training Academy graduate as he conversed with the fans. After drilling him into the ring post, Faith returned to the ring and goaded Bannon back into action.

With Jimbo clearly suffering, nobody would have forced him to compete but he called for the bell and the match was on! For most of the next six minutes, it was Faith in control as he endless pounded on Bannon’s arms in preparation for another attempt at an armbar submission.

However, Purple belt Bannon instead decided to focus on his striking game and hit fast and quick, but the “King of Catch” had the experience to keep the young rookie in check! However, Faith’s ego got the better of him and this allowed Bannon to come back into the match.

Both men traded each other’s best, but neither could lock on the hold in the middle for the submission. That was until Bannon was eventually able to lock-on the Kneebar right in the middle, and after finding no escape, Faith had no option but to submit and hand Bannon the victory!

And so, this evens the score between two mat specialists – who wants to see the rubber match?

Double-win for The Rejected

Kicking off the action in Arbroath was the “Outcast” Chris Archer – taking-on Bryan Tucker in a rematch from our recent event in Kincorth. That night, Tucker outsmarted Archer to gain the victory and with that in mind, both men came into this match with a grudge to settle.

The early minutes had Tucker in the ascendancy until Archer dropped him to the outside. It was a great move that gained Archer some tread in this match – an advantage he desperately tried to utilise.

But we have seen a different side to Bryan Tucker and this was unleashed as Tucker gave as good as he got! However, after coming so close to victory, a distraction from rival Shawn Johnson ultimately proved costly as these two renewed their rivalry which burst to the fore in Huntly.

Archer hit the Poison Arrow after Tucker’s attention was taken – handing the “Outcast” a much-sought victory in singles action.

The Rejected partner Mikkey Vago had his hands full with the return to action of Cysto, and the “Tangerine Dream” was in fine form in the opening minutes of this contest.

But when the action got thought, it was the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” in control as Vago beat and pounded upon his opponent.

Not even the support of the Arbroath fans could save him as Vago hit the Headbanger for the three-count and completing a double victory for The Rejected!

And so that was Arbroath – another eventful evening in the WrestleZone with lots of action for our Angus fans to enjoy. The last stop of the year is Christmas Chaos on Saturday 3rd December and from the looks of it, we are in for quite the night following another excellent night in Angus!