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Montrose Live! 2015

21st February 2015 - Town Hall, Montrose

The road to the Regal Rumble would stop-off in Angus this past Saturday night with a huge night of action in store at Montrose Town Hall.

A packed crowd were on hand as the WrestleZone grapplers prepared for an important event as all eyes focus on our March 21st date at the Northern Hotel, Aberdeen.

The main event would feature a defence of the Undisputed Championship and with three challengers to content with, would the “Creator of Carnage” Crusher Craib remain at the top of the WrestleZone?

Under the bright lights at Montrose Town Hall, it was over to WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes to get the night underway with our opening contest.

The grease monkey scores the win!

Stemming from actions at the Cloverleaf Hotel, Chris Archer would face-the-music in Montrose as he took on the might of the ‘Masked Wonder’ Blue Thunder. Both men were accompanied by their respective running mates, with Mikkey Vago set to face William Sterling later in the evening.

In a cagey opening it was the Thunder Buddie who made all the running, tossing Archer from post-to-post in a great display of dominance. But the grease monkey is adept at adapting his game plan to suit and with the distraction of Vago, he would take control of this bout and the fate of the ‘Masked Wonder’.

Archer looked to have the match won when he trapped Thunder in a Figure Four Leglock and it seemed only a matter of time until the masked grappler would have no option but to submit. But in a great display of strength, Thunder would reverse the hold and put the pressure on the “Outcast”.

Having caught a break, it was over to Thunder to make all the running but as he looked to score the win with a schoolboy, Thunder was caught with the forearm of Vago and Archer would scoop Thunder up for the decisive pinfall.

Archer and Vago were quick to get out of dodge – knowing that Vago would have to face up to his actions later in the night against ‘Wonderful’ William.

Mr. Malice returns!

After being reinstated to the WrestleZone roster, “Vice Executive of Butler Relations” Mr. Malice would make his return to in-ring action in Montrose as he took on Kaden Garrick in his first bout of the year.

The power of Garrick was on display from the off as the “Malice Miracle V.2” struggled to get going in the opening stages. Maybe it was his rubber gloves or flowery piny, but Malice just could not catch a break.

With Lord Alan Sterling roaring him on from ringside, Malice really struggled to contend with the strength and power of the Garrick and this led the Lord to try and take matters into his own hands. But after failing to strike Garrick, Malice was left exposed and a spine-tingling Spear followed - it was all over for Mr. Malice!

This was a very powerful and dominant win for Garrick and he will be looking forward to making an impression throughout 2015.

Two former Undisputed champions collide!

Our third contest of the evening would see a rivalry renewed as current tag team champion Bryan Tucker took-on the man he defeated for the title, Damien. The Revolution member fell to Tucker’s tag partner Shawn Johnson at the Cloverleaf Hotel, so how would he fare here against his old rival?

From the off, Tucker took control and made Damien run for cover as the momentum ramped up! But this one took a turn as Damien sent Tucker’s throat hurtling into the middle rope, and the unfortunate spill was too good an opportunity to turn down!

Damien went to work on Tucker’s neck, striking and choking him with a barrage of offence. But the fighting spirit shown by Tucker was admirable as the Hotshot would not quit!

Tucker scored a couple of close falls as the tide turned and Bryan took control. The match went beck-and-forth with Damien coming close to winning after a Yakuza Kick, while Tucker’s neckbreaker was not quite enough to score the win.

Under the cosh, Tucker looked to go high-risk as he scaled to the top rope, only for Damien to Superkick Tucker’s leg away from him, crotching him on the top rope! Damien would follow up with a Pele Kick to the back of the head and that was enough to score the win!

Tucker was in some trouble here after being beaten by Damien – representing a huge win for the Revolution member as he attempts to win back the gold he lost at Halloween Hijinx. In Damien’s mind, his issues with the Hotshots are far from over and this marks a big victory on his quest for gold.

Aspen Faith and Mr. P collide

After a short interval, we returned with our next contest pitting the “King of Catch” Aspen Faith against Mr. P. Accompanied by KT Kane, Faith proclaimed himself to the best wrestler in the building and promised to put down Mr. Paterson.

Looking to Embrace the Chaos, Mr. P strode into the Town Hall intent on leaving a mark on Aspen Faith, and while he couldn’t contend with Faith’s technical wrestling skills, he managed to outsmart Faith and this frustrated the “King of Catch” no-end!

Faith would turn nasty in an attempt to get the job done and would punish the Techy Teacher with a series of big moves, including a deadlift backsuplex that almost got the job done! Roared on by KT Kane, Faith honed in on victory.

Mr. Paterson might not have all the wrestling skills, but he does have two fists and in this bout he needed to use them to get back into the match. As Faith and Mr. P traded blows, the crowd gasped transfixed by this high stakes bout.

And while Paterson caught a break with a beautiful Flapjack, we were joined at ringside by Lord Alan Sterling and Mr. Malice, intent on wrecking Paterson’s night. With the referee distracted, Mr. Malice would strike with the absent- Jeeves Winchester’s shoe and that was enough to hand Faith the victory!

Having been on the losing side at the Cloverleaf Hotel, this was a long-overdue win for Aspen Faith as he looks ahead to the Regal Rumble. But Mr. P’s luck continues to evade him as Lord Alan Sterling shows no sign of moving on – this rivalry would be renewed later in the evening!

Vago faces up to his actions

Match five would see Mikkey Vago make his in-ring WrestleZone debut against the man he attacked at the Cloverleaf Hotel, ‘Wonderful’ William Sterling. The Thunder Buddie did not even get to enter the ring as Vago made a beeline for Sterling and attempted to take the fight to the marked man.

William did not need a second invitation as the fists rained down on the WrestleZone newcomer. With their respective tag team partners at ringside, this one was more than a bit rowdy as Vago attempted to score a stunning debut win.

Vago would manage to subdue Sterling after hitting a crunching Armbreaker leaving the Thunder Buddie in some pain. It clearly affected William Sterling as he struggled to regain feeling in his left arm and it was an advantage that Chris Archer screamed at Vago to take advantage of!

But Vago’s relative inexperience almost cost him as William Sterling finally began to make some headway, knocking Vago down with a series of chops, punches and clotheslines! Sensing the danger, the grease monkey looked to get involved and Archer jumped up on the apron.

Sterling was not going to be the victim of another sneak attack and swung for Archer, only for the Outcast to move. But the distraction was enough for Vago to capitalise and with a handful of tights, he scored the win with a schoolboy and made himself scarce.

The Thunder Buddies protested to the referee but the record book will show that Mikkey Vago was successful in his WrestleZone debut. Archer and Vago will be delighted to have got one over their rivals here, picking up victories over both Sterling and Thunder in Montrose.

Fatal Four-way Mayhem

Main event time and the big question was whether Crusher Craib could retain his title going up against three of the top competitors in WrestleZone? Johnny Lions, Scotty Swift and Lord Alan Sterling all entered the Montrose Town Hall knowing they did not need to pin Crusher Craib to become champion!

And while the odds were against Crusher Craib, Lions and Sterling made the job harder by striking an alliance to try and take down Scotty and Crusher – but this turned out not to be such a good idea! Scotty and Crusher took the fight to their opponents and the bodies flew as Sterling and Lions ran for cover.

The action spilled throughout the town hall as Crusher Craib battered the “Tenacious One” – while back in the ring, the “Red-Haired Warrior” squared off against Lord Alan Sterling and looked to end the bout early.

Crusher was rammed into the stage on the outside by Lions, and he returned to the ring to aide Lord Sterling. With a two-on-one looking to down crowd favourite, how would Swift fare against the foes!? Not very well was the answer, and with Crusher being kept out of the ring, it looked very likely that we would crown a new Undisputed Champion in Montrose!

But inevitably, Swift would not give-in and the relationship developed between Sterling and Lions soon came crashing down. This allowed Crusher Craib the chance to return to the ring, and the champion came out all guns blazing as he looked to retain the Undisputed Championship.

He took on both Lions and Sterling, knocking them down repeatedly but somehow they stayed in the match. Swift would get some life about him again and the fight was on. What a sight it was to see as all four men battled in the ring – Swift almost scored the win with the Somersault Neckbreaker, while Lions downed Crusher with a Flying Legdrop on the back of Crusher’s neck!

Swift took a tumble to the outside after being hammered by Alan Sterling while Lions was downed by a revived Crusher Craib – leaving him alone with Alan Sterling. Sensing danger, Mr. Malice looked to strike with Jeeves’ shoe, a tactic which paid dividends earlier in the night. But Mr. P would return to ringside and prevent Malice from striking Crusher and instead it was Lord Alan Sterling who tasted a Big Boot from Crusher Craib!

That was enough to put an end to the chaos as somehow, someway, Crusher Craib triumphed! This must rank among Crusher’s top title defences as he took on three of the WrestleZone’s best! Word is there will be no rest for Crusher as he faces another defence of his title in Peterhead, but on this evidence, the Crusher is not done yet!

And that big main event brought to an end an action-packed return to Montrose. We’ll do it all again in just two short weeks when the WrestleZone grapplers are back in action at the Palace Hotel, Peterhead – hope to see you there!