Live! in Newtonhill

Live in Newtonhill - Saturday 3rd February

Round two of the year would see the WrestleZone stars return to one of our favourite wrestling towns; Newtonhill. The Bettridge Centre was jammed as a warm night of pro-wrestling action would heat-up a cold night in the North-east, with blood feuds, championship belts and pride on the line! Our web team were ringside for the night’s action, and here they are with their top five talking points.

1: Dynamite walks!

The eyes of the WrestleZone world were on one of our singles contests, as training partners Bradley Evans and Zach Dynamite collided for the first time since Dynamite’s sneak attack at Summerhill Showdown. A war of words proceeded this battle in midweek, but with the two standing face-to-face in the ring, it wasn’t soon before the punches were swinging!

Evans would get the better of this fist fight, as Dynamite desperately covered-up from his former protégé. With Evans seemingly unhinged, Dynamite would escape the ring and ended-up walking backstage and being counted-out by our official. The “win” will do nothing to settle this feud though, with both men set to meet again this Saturday in Montrose. We can’t wait to see Evans and Dynamite collide once more.

2: Tri-Counties champ retains!

The “King of Catch” Aspen Faith walked into the Bettridge Centre to commence his second reign as Tri-Counties Champion, but current tag team champion Mikkey Vago would step-up to challenge the new title holder. Newtonhill witnessed a tense match-up with the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” using his fists in an attempt to win singles gold. However, Faith remains champion after hitting a Tombstone Piledriver after counterting the Emerald Fusion – getting off to a great start in his second reign on top of the division. Who will be next to challenge the King?

3: Singles wins abound!

Vago’s partner Chris Archer was also in singles action, getting the Newtonhill event off to an amped-start in a cracking bout with “Vintage” Nathan North. A back-and-forth encounter would see these two each of chances to win, but in the end it was “The Outcast” who picked up the big W. Elsewhere, Jason Reed needed the assistance of the ropes in defeating Cysto 2, a replacement for the injured Bryan Tucker. The Cheeky Fifer did not endear himself to the fans and had to fend off calls of “Donald Trump” from the Newtonhill fans. Reed will hope the catcalls won’t follow him around the circuit as that could become quite the distraction.

4: Crusher V P

Two old rivals collided in a big singles encounter that the fans in Newtonhill loved! Local teacher Mr. P had been vocal in the local press ahead of this bout, and he did not back down from the monstrous Crusher Craib. However, the “Creator of Carnage” was out to rip Mr. P’s head off, but as he found, the Sterling Oil muscle would have to catch the creative Mr. P first!

However, despite doing his best to tire out the giant, eventually Mr. P was swatted down with a massive Big Boot from which there was no return! A valiant effort from the fan favourite here, but it was Crusher’s night in Newtonhill despite a very close shave!

5: An eye for an eye…

Our main event was a massive 3-on-2 handicap match with the Sterling Brothers and Shawn Johnson holding the advantage as they took on Scotty Swift and Damien! However the story here was the fan favourites struggled to work together, given years of bad blood clearly still bustling between them!

However in the heat of battle against Richard R. Russell’s men, Damien and Swift eventually found common ground and began taking it to the Sterling Oil! The action was furious as William, Alan and Shawn struggled to contain the rage from the “Red-Haired Warrior” and the “Revolutionary”. But as Damien scooped for the win, Richard R. Russell would attempt to interfere; distracting the referee!

However Damien had a message for Russell – and kicked William Sterling in the balls with Richard R. Russell looking right at it! The referee would count the pinfall which would see Damien score the win and begin the fight back against Shawn Johnson and co.

After the match Damien would grab the microphone and would once again tell Richard R. Russell to run – the fans enjoyed seeing the Sterling Oil strategist hightailing it out of the buildings. The match results is a starter for what lies ahead and we can’t wait to see what happens when we get back to action this Saturday in Montrose – we hope to see you there!

Results from the Bettridge Centre

Chris Archer def. Nathan North

Bradley Evans def. Zach Dynamite by count-out

Crusher Craib def. Mr. P

Tri-Counties Title: Aspen Faith def. Mikkey Vago to retain

Jason Reed def. Cysto 2

3-on-2: Damien & Scotty Swift def. Shawn Johnson & the Sterling Brothers