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Live in Peterhead! 2015

7th March 2015 - Palace Hotel, Peterhead

The last stop on the road to the Regal Rumble would see the WrestleZone stars in action at the Palace Hotel in Peterhead, intent on continuing their momentum into the big event on March 21st.

The main event would have big ramifications as Crusher Craib defended his Undisputed Championship against three challengers. Could the “Creator of Carnage” prosper here to secure his championship showdown with Joe Coffey at the Rumble?

An enthusiastic crowd was on hand in the Blue Toon as WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes got proceedings underway with a fierce feud set to continue in our opening contest…

Archer and William collide!

After the events in Montrose, could the Thunder Buddies respond against the duo of Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago? Our opening contest would see William Sterling look to dent Archer’s power trip and send the double denim duo packing!

It didn’t take long for this one to get going with Sterling using his experience to torment the grease monkey. Accompanied by their respective tag team partners, it was only a matter of time before the action got out of hand on the outside.

Sterling grabbed Archer and Vago looking to knock their heads together – but in a desperate move, Archer responded to send Sterling flying into the ring post!

The lucky break almost caused Sterling to be counted out but he just managed to return to the ring. “The Outcast” punished the Thunder Buddie with Vago bringing some added assistance. But Chris would go one step too far and he was sent flying by Sterling, allowing him a route back into the bout!

With the crowd firmly behind him, William Sterling picked up the pace as both men looked to secure the win. Sterling sent Archer flying off the ropes and attempted to backdrop him, only for the grease monkey to counter with a sunset flip.

Sterling, with the size advantage, was able to hold his position and sat down on Archer, pinning his shoulders to the mat and scoring the victory! Some redemption then for the Thunder Buddies and Blue Thunder had the chance to further the misery later in the evening…

Mr. P scores the win

Our next contest would see Mr. P look to “Embrace the Chaos” of the WrestleZone and score a victory over the deluded Lord Alan Sterling, who was accompanied by Mr. Malice and Jeeves Winchester.

Before the bell could even ring, Mr. P was blindsided by Lord Alan Sterling and things did not get any better for the fan favourite. Sterling’s staff managed to take the referee’s attention as the other two beat down on the Design and Technology teacher.

But the hard lesson that Mr. P has learned in his debut year is that although the going may get tough, winners never quit! Mr. P showed tremendous guts and determination in the face of adversity here, and he picked up his reward as he scored a Backslide on Lord Sterling for the winning pinfall!

There was no time to celebrate as Mr. P was jumped once more with Jeeves and Malice joining in the mauling. Enraged, Lord Sterling humiliated Mr. P as they forced him to kiss his “royal” foot in the middle of the ring!

WrestleZone management will surely now come under increasing pressure to find a way to settle this feud after this gutless display of cowardice from Lord Sterling and his cronies.

Kaden Garrick takes a knock

Our next contest would see two of WrestleZone’s best look to forge ahead with their own plans for domination. Kaden Garrick and Aspen Faith stand at polar opposites of the spectrum; while Faith is a technically-gifted grappler with a goby mouth, Garrick is the silent powerhouse who takes no nonsense!

It was the power of Garrick that was demonstrated early-on as he knocked down the challenge of the “King of Catch” in the opening exchanges. Faith lost his temper as everything he tried ended with him flat on his butt, Garrick making all the running.

Finally, Faith found a way through after pinpointing Garrick’s hand, and it was an advantage he looked to cultivate. He even looked to pull Garrick’s finger out of its socket and it took some time for Kaden to recover having apparently knocked his own finger back into the joint!

It was a tremendous display of guts to keep going but the injury allowed Faith to take control. Garrick’s increasing anger led him to further injure his hand after accidently punching the ring post!

Faith’s dominance began to tell but Garrick would not stay down for the three-count. Eventually, Faith went for a Missile Dropkick but missed and Kaden made the best of his opportunity. With his damaged hand, Garrick used all his skills to batter Faith and showed his tremendous power to deadlift German Suplex Faith, a move which almost gained him the victory.

With Garrick in control, he set-up for the spear and it looked all over for the “King of Catch”. However, Faith would move and retaliated by kicking Garrick square between the legs causing the disqualification!

Faith would retreat, knowing he was just one second away from a costly defeat here while Garrick will no doubt be looking for retribution should their paths cross at the Regal Rumble.

A surprise opponent for Scotty Swift

After a short interval, we returned for more WrestleZone action but there was a surprise in-store for the “Red-Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift as he warmed up for the Regal Rumble. After preparing to take on the Super Executioner, Swift would instead take-on Mr. Malice as the “Vice Executive of Butler Relations” looked to take down the man who cost him his career last summer.

But while Malice was all for making friends with Scotty Swift, the Don of the WrestleZone was out to entertain the fans and turned Malice’s offer of a handshake into a wrestling move, taking Malice to the mat!

From there, Scotty went to work on Malice’s arm putting him in some pain. But an unfortunate miss led Swift to head chest-first into the turnbuckle and Mr. Malice would continue the punishment over the next several minutes.

With Swift in some pain, could Mr. Malice pick up the victory? Having tried the 61MALICE in Montrose, Malice would once again fail and it was over to Scotty Swift to put Mr. Malice out of his misery.

A Granite City Driver later and it was lights out, all-out for Mr. Malice. Scotty shrugged off the beating his arm had taken and he will now hope he can put himself in pole position to win a dream match at Aberdeen Anarchy in two weeks time at the Regal Rumble.

Mikkey Vago wins again!

Part two of this feud between the Thunder Buddies and Archer/Vago would see the newest member of the WrestleZone roster take-on the “Masked Wonder” Blue Thunder. Vago was victorious in his WrestleZone debut last month although the dubious means by which he defeated William Sterling was fresh in the mind as he entered the Palace Hotel.

Thunder always entertains in the wrestling ring and he took the fight to Vago, using his experience to test the newcomer from the opening bell.

But having aligned himself with the grease monkey Chris Archer, it appears that Mikkey Vago has learned a thing or two from the sneaky snitch as he stopped Thunder’s momentum in this bout.

Despite being on top, Vago could not put the ‘Masked Wonder’ away for the three-count and his increasing frustration led to a mistake that allowed Thunder back into the bout. A sweet dropkick and elbow drop combination almost got the job done for the Thunder Buddie, but as he rained down on Vago in the corner with punches, the newcomer would hoist his opponent up and Powerbomb him down to the ground.

With his feet on the ropes for added leverage, Vago would sneak this one by gaining the pinfall over a furious Thunder. So Thunder has suffered back-to-back defeats and this issue looks set to continue.

Crusher’s title in jeopardy

Main event time and it was over to WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes to introduce the four competitors here, each looking to leave the Palace Hotel with the Undisputed Championship. Crusher Craib knew he had his work cut-out here against both the current tag team champions, Bryan Tucker and Shawn Johnson, and the first Undisputed Champion, Damien. Lots of questions here as the big fight feel filled the arena.

Having predicted a Hotshots melt-down on social media, Damien bailed from the ring but did not expect Tucker and Johnson to follow him out! After beating him on the outside, it was over to Crusher Craib to deliver some punishing blows to Damien inside the ring!

After disposing of Damien, the Hotshots would then team-up on Crusher Craib, a move which saw the champion sent tumbling to the outside. The Hotshots reaffirmed their intent to work together and then hit a magic double-topez onto their opponents.

However, the dive to the outside took much out of the Hotshots and Damien was able to take control when the action returned to the ring. Keeping Crusher on the outside, Damien tried his best to put away the Hotshots until the “Creator of Carnage” returned to the ring. After disposing of Johnson, Crusher looked to dump Tucker only for Damien to counter with a Pele Kick. Johnson followed up with an Enziguiri and Tucker hit a double-dropkick which saw Crusher tied up in the ropes.

With the champion out of commission, Tucker and Johnson would then down Damien with the Hotshot but there was a standoff as both men went for the cover! Was this the moment that Damien had predicted? Before they could fight, Crusher Craib was able to set himself free, and he beat down on both the Hotshots, almost ending the bout with a Double Chokeslam.

Damien would kick Crusher in the face and turned his attentions to Johnson. Tucker would save the day with the Kneelift Neckbreaker on Damien but before he could make the cover, Crusher Craib hit a spine-tingling Black Hole Slam to down the Hotshot.

Crusher then looked to do the same to Johnson only for the Hotshot to counter and hit the Satellite DDT for a near-fall which Damien broke up!

With Crusher and Tucker both out of commission, the battle came down to Johnson and Damien with both looking to win the Undisputed Championship. But after Johnson missed the Double Footstomp, Damien would hit the Codebreaker! But before he could make the cover, Crusher Craib recovered and dumped Damien out of the ring and took the pinfall for himself!

A three-count later and it was all over – against all the odds, Crusher Craib retained the Undisputed Championship. Damien was furious here having seen the title slip through his fingers at the very end. There was a gracious display of sportsmanship at the end with the Hotshots both saluting the dominant Crusher Craib.

The Palace Hotel had witnessed an amazing night of wrestling action and Crusher had put the exclamation point on it with this amazing win. He now looks forward to his championship showdown with Joe Coffey at the Regal Rumble and he will need the same display of domination to down the “Ironman” at the Northern Hotel. We hope you can join us for that one…