Regal Rumble 2018

Photography by Brian Battensby

THE BIGGEST match in WrestleZone history was the focal point this past Saturday night as we returned to the Aberdeen Northern Hotel.

This year's Regal Rumble contest expanded the field to 25 participants, with some of the biggest names in Scotland throwing their hat into the ring for the over-the-top-rope contest.

There were shocks and surprises along the way as a packed crowd witnesses the action up-close and personal.

Now that the dust has settled on the amped event, our web team return with five talking points now the Rumble is in the history books.

1: Richard R. Russell's win and aftermath

There was something fishy in the air as Richard R. Russell was carried to the ring as Entrant 25 to the rumble contest. Only one man remained, Damien, his most-hated rival and the Sterling Oil strategist knew he was in trouble! Not even his cash could get him out of trouble as Damien slapped his former boss across the jaw, some payback for costing him the Undisputed Championship in January. However what followed was nothing short of robbery as Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson left his position in the commentary booth, entering the ring to stand-up for his money man. But as Johnson was tossed from the ring, everyone sensed a trap and with Johnson tangled with Damien, Triple R would assist and topple "The Revolutionary" over the top to clinch a sensational win.

There was no time for celebrations as a wild Damien hit the ring, with Richard R. quick to make an exit even before he had his hands on the trophy. This left a sick taste in the mouths of fans and management have acted quickly; while Richard R. Russell remains the winner of the 2018 Regal Rumble, he must face Damien in singles competition on June 9th at Battle of the Nations - with the winner thereafter going onto Aberdeen Anarchy X to challenge for the Undisputed Championship.

While this whole sorry situation marks a sticky end to what had been a remarkable match, the future does not look bright for Sterling Oil. Damien, a grappler who almost went coast-to-coast in the Rumble and deserved his spot at the Beach Ballroom, will get a chance to right a wrong when we return to the Aberdeen Northern Hotel this June.

2: Surprises, Shocks and Returns

The expansion of the Regal Rumble offered the opportunity for more grapplers than ever to get a shot at glory, and there were a great array of wrestlers involved. The return of Kaden Garrick after almost a year of inactivity almost blew the fresh paint off the walls of the Hotel as he made a statement by dishing out spears to all. While the antics of Lord Michael of Graham - complete with Mr. Malice cameo - brought a chuckle with fans as former Lord Alan Sterling eliminated him. Training Academy graduate Dino Del Monte also would be running into trouble in the Rumble having won his pre-show match; Crusher Craib proving a formidable force that ended his night sourly. Crusher too was bested after being wounded in his No DQ match with Scotty Swift. Returnees to WrestleZone ultimately didn’t win but put in a good showing; Jack Jester, Lewis Girvan, Kreiger and Lou King Sharp all made the most of their chances before falling short. This was definitely the biggest Regal Rumble of all time, but what is for sure is that the competition will be even tougher next year with so much to play for!

3: Andy Wild conquers all

The Tri-Counties title was in sharp focus as Aspen Faith defended against three top competitors; Andy Wild, Johnny Lions and Mr. P all looking to get their hands on the gold. In a match where chaos reigned, the beauty of this division was in full swing as the action rocketed against the 10-minute time limit. And the rules of a Fatal Four way, which put the champion at a disadvantage, came to the fore as Andy Wild pinned Johnny Lions following a Doctor Bomb for the three-count! The former Undisputed Champion has added the Tri-Counties title to his collection in devestaing fashion, with the "King of Catch" equally disappointed to have lost in such a manner. But there are brighter times ahead for the former champion, from what we have seen!

4: Tag Team division explodes

The debut of Lou King Sharp and Krieger as a due - known as Proper Mental - would see a clash with The Rejected; Mikkey Vago and Chris Archer having seen off all challengers in the doubles division. However, there was a shock in store as the Glasgow duo picked up the championships, bringing to an end the dominance of the Rejected in tag action. However there was a third wheel to add to the mix as Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan united - the Kings of Catch attacking the former champions to announce their arrival up north. Delivering the Apter Burner to Chris Archer, victim number one (of many?) has been claimed and a statement of intent made by Girvan and Faith.

5: Aberdeen Anarchy X shapes up

The Northern Hotel hasn't heard many louder reactions than the noise created with the announcement of our first former WWE superstar guest heading to Aberdeen Anarchy. Santino Marella will be in action at the Beach Ballroom on Saturday 1st September and he is bringing the Cobra! Fans are already salivating at the potential dream match possibilities, and the only way to witness the return of the former Intercontinental, Tag Team and err, Divas Champion, is to be at our 10th Anniversary Supershow - tickets available now from the Aberdeen Box Office.

And so that wraps up another eventful night at the Northern Hotel - we return on Saturday 9th June for Battle of the Nations and tickets to that event are now on sale at Ringside World.