Live! in Brechin

Saturday 24th September 2016 - City Hall, Brechin

The Tag Team Championships moved into focus as WrestleZone returned to Brechin City Hall this past Saturday night. With William Sterling on the injury list, it was over to Shawn Johnson to fill the void as he teamed with Alan Sterling.

The challengers were former champion Kaden Garrick, teaming-up with the current Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift. With the power of Garrick and the experience of Swift, could they be the duo to end Sterling Oil’s fourth run.

The match started out as you might expect – Shawn and Alan looking for an advantage but Kaden and Swift worked well to frustrate the champions. Eventually, things took a turn for the worse as the action spilled out to the floor, but after trying to take out Sterling Oil, the “Red-Haired Warrior” missed his tope and clattered into Garrick.

This was the advantage the champions had wanted, and they began a long period of dominance over Kaden. Scotty could only watch on as Shawn and Alan looked to team their way to victory! With each passing minute, we moved closer to a successful tag team title defence, until Garrick was eventually able to counter and hit a sweet German Suplex on Sterling, before tagging in Scotty.

The Undisputed Champion fired-in on his old rivals, and sent the bodies flying. The momentum tipped, but Garrick still wanted to redemption and tagged back into the match. He went to work on Alan Sterling, but the champion had had enough of the beating and took the easy way out!

He struck a low blow on Garrick in full view of the referee to cause the disqualification. Sterling Oil lost the match but retain the titles! This ended up being a highly frustrating night for the challengers but while Alan can take the easy way out, there will be other nights where that just won’t work!

Damien and Johnny Lions clash

The other big talking point of our return to Brechin City Hall was the renewed rivalry between Damien and Johnny Lions, following on from the Revolutionary’s unsuccessful title match in Keith.

But in Brechin, Damien would get his own back as he cost Johnny Lions his match against Chris Archer. These two had a great battle with the Outcast doing well against his more-experienced opponent.

However, with Chris Archer taking an ugly spill to the floor, Damien would take his chance and hit a Lion Cutter on his foe. Archer would follow this up with a leaping elbow drop to gain the three-count over the former two-time Undisputed Champion!

After the match, Damien would return to put the boots to the Tenacious One and ensure his mark was left on him.

Boots were also dished out to rookie Jimbo Bannon earlier in the evening in a close encounter at the City Hall. The rematch from Proving Grounds was an exciting affair with Bannon showing how far he has come in his short career this far, hanging with the former Undisputed Champion.

But Damien is conniving and despite suffering from the repeated punishment on his knee, Damien scored the victory over the youngster after hitting the Codebreaker onto his exposed knee, a harsh lesson for the WrestleZone Training Academy graduate.

Wins for Mikkey Vago, Jason Reed and Bryan Tucker

The night’s opening contest was an acid test as Mikkey Vago looked to reverse a losing streak when he matched up to Blue Thunder. The Masked Wonder was the crowd favourite here, and he used that to his advantage in the opening minutes.

But the Heavy Metal Hooligan has learned a trick or two, and he managed to stop the momentum on Thunder and went to work on his rival. Without Chris Archer at ringside, Vago was forced to think on his feet in an effort to stop the landslide.

Thunder rallied, but the punishment took its toll after Vago reversed on Thunder and landed square on-top for the one, two and three! The run is over for Mikkey Vago as he finally picks up a victory here in Brechin.

As for Jason Reed, his match against Lord Mr. Malice was a scream. However, there was no screaming from Jeeves Winchester as it appears he has caught the cold after last week in Keith.

Without the encouragement of his wing man, Lord Malice struggled to contain Jason Reed, a cheeky grappler quickly making a great name for himself. The key moment in this bout came as Malice got too big for his boots, missing a cannonball from the top rope!

This allowed Reed to battle back into a contention and after avoiding the Gatecrasher Powerslam, he hit the Olympic Slam for the victory and sending Malice packing once more!

As for Bryan Tucker, he would face the WrestleZone Dominator in singles action and he took on the task well. Despite a brief flurry of control which included tying Tucker in the Tree of Woe, Tucker eventually found a way back into the match and scored the win with a surprise Twist of Fate.

And so that was Brechin – another step on the road which saw some key rivalries renewed but the tag team titles remain with a Sterling Oil. We are back on October 8th in Balmedie and we hope to see you at ringside!