Live! in Balmedie

WrestleZone Live! In Balmedie

Photography by Brian Battensby

Fans were treated to another spectacular night of pro-wrestling action this past Saturday night as WrestleZone returned to Balmedie. With the dust settled, it was the huge announcement of the introduction of the Tri-Counties Championship which has stolen all the headlines.

Management representative Chris McDonald was on-hand to announce a 16-man tournament to crown the first-ever champion, with the title representing our homeland in Moray, Angus and Aberdeenshire.

With the “King of Catch” Aspen Faith making a grand return to the WrestleZone, it was clear he was first to put his name in the hat to be the first champion. However, backed-up by Sammii-Jayne, Faith’s ascertion that he should be crowned champion right away was rebuffed by McDonald, much to Faith’s annoyance.

However, as matters looked like turning physical, Blue Thunder would emerge to confront Faith and McDonald was quick to make the first match in the tournament – and so it will be Aspen Faith V Blue Thunder this Saturday night in Banchory

Triple Threat main event

While the big talking point of this event was the creation of a new title, it was the established top prize of the WrestleZone that was at stake in the night’s main event – and what a Triple Threat match this was!

Champion Scotty Swift defended his championship against the powerhouse Kaden Garrick, and Sterling Oil’s lead man Shawn Johnson. With the numbers against the “Red-Haired Warrior”, would this be a step too far for Swift?

Entering to a thunderous ovation, fans watched on in awe as we wondered how this might transpire! For Shawn Johnson and his strategist Richard R. Russell, tactics were all important here as there was no chance of a short-term alliance.

Indeed, it was Garrick and Swift who combined early to take-out Johnson, and as the action settled down, a friendship was cast aside in the name of championships!

Swift and Garrick would fight with the challenger matching the champion every step of the way. But Johnson would not let things lie, and picked his opportunity to thrust himself back into the match!

Recognising the championship could be won by defeating Garrick, Johnson’s attention turned to Garrick and he looked to take-down the former tag team champion. But Shawn was dumped outside, leaving Garrick and Swift in the ring again. Kaden looked to capitalise in the biggest way possible by running through the champ with a thunderous spear!

Recognising the championship was about to change hands, but not in the manner he was hoping for, Russell acted quickly to save Scotty Swift being pinned – but referee Dennis Law would then eject the Sterling Oil honcho from ringside!

Johnson could not believe it and retaliated by throwing Garrick into the steel steps – before being dumped by Swift with the Granite City Driver. It looked to be all over, but Garrick would save the contest and then had a showdown with the champion!

Shots were fired as the fan favourites rallied – but in the end, it was Swift who prevailed after reversing Garrick’s attempt at a Sunset Flip for a very narrow three-count!

Garrick came oh so close to dethroning the champion here but the “Red-Haired Warrior” remains the man to beat in the WrestleZone! The fans in Balmedie lapped this up and enjoyed everything that these three grapplers put into this contest.

Having come so close, Kaden Garrick will now need to earn another chance at the gold – while Shawn Johnson too will have the chance to earn a singles bout at our huge Halloween Hijinx event taking place in nearby Inverurie at the end of October.

Challengers emerge

Ahead of this Saturday’s Battle Royale to crown the next challenger to Scotty Swift, there were several grapplers who made an impression in Balmedie – and none-more-so than “Unstoppable” Andy Wild. The Englishman has been on a tear since picking up this year’s Battle of the Nations crown, and in his bout against Jason Reed, Wild was once again insurmountable.

Not that Reed didn’t try – the “Cheeky” grappler showing that despite his relative inexperience, he has confidence beyond his years and put that to good effect in his tangle with the veteran powerhouse.

But while Reed is taking his first steps in the WrestleZone, Wild has tread these boards before and hit the Doctor Bomb for the three-count and gain another impressive victory.

Also, picking up the W was Wild’s next opponent – Jimbo Bannon. The WrestleZone Training Academy graduate continues to make waves with his unique style causing problems for established members of the roster such as Alan Sterling and Damien.

But in Balmedie, it was the challenge of Chris Archer that awaited the fighter-turned-wrestler, and with the “Outcast” looking for his own magic moment, the fight was on!

Archer tried his best to subdue the young rookie, but he got more than he bargained for in this match! And despite the former tag team champion’s best efforts, Archer would end-up tapping out at Bannon hit the rolling kneebar to much applause.

Things did not go much better for Archer’s tag team partner Mikkey Vago, looking to strike back against Bryan Tucker who had beaten him twice in recent contests!

The fists flew as these two matched-up again but it was the underhand Vago who took advantage after Tucker was tangled up in the ropes! The momentum ebbed-and-flowed, but the real shift took place as Archer returned to ringside to aide his tag partner!

However, Archer lingered too long for the direct shot and was caught in the act by referee Dennis Law. Vago was distracted and this was the opportunity Tucker wanted – scoring the victory with a surprise roll-up to leave the Rejected reeling.

Another potential contender in fine form is Johnny Lions and in Balmedie, the fans loved his bout with the Super Executioner. Let’s be honest, Executioner is not the most skilled of the mat men and here, he was out-of-his-league as Lions and the fans combined to keep the masked mauler down!

When the time was right, Lions would put Executioner out of his misery with a vicious Lion Driver – a statement of intent for next week? The former two-time champion has been the to the top before and will be targeting victory next week.

As for the aforementioned Blue Thunder, he once again was caught in a tangle with Lord Mr. Malice, with the grappler clearly suffering the effects of the cold that has been passed between the wrestlers in previous matches.

Jeeves Winchester appeared to have recovered enough to accompany his master to ringside, but it was the “Masked Wonder” who knocked the final stuffing out of Lord Mr. Malice to score the victory. And while Thunder is in next week’s tournament for the Tri-Counties Championship, he must also have an eye on securing an Undisputed Championship bout at Halloween Hijinx.

And so, another eventful night in Balmedie ended with plenty of talking points for the fans who joined us! With more-and-more on the line heading into the twilight of the year, we expect the full moon to bring out the beasts to compete starting this Saturday night in Kincorth. We hope to see you at ringside!