Live! in Kincorth

Saturday 15th October 2016 - Kincorth Community Centre, Aberdeen

WrestleZone Live! In aid of Kincorth Community Centre

A busy night of pro-wrestling action was at the fore this past Saturday night as grapplers jumped on the cause at a charity event to raise funds for Kincorth Community Centre.

Despite the torrential rain that engulfed Aberdeen at the weekend, our loyal fans rallied to the cause to raise some cash towards the refurbishment of the toilets at the centre.

When the night was over, the main event of our next event in Inverurie would be decided with the winner of the show-ending Battle Royale securing the #1 contendership to the Undisputed Championship.

However, it was over to current titleholder Scotty Swift to get the action underway as he took on Rejected member Mikkey Vago in a non-title singles match. The fans loved every minute of the action as these two brawled back-and-forth.

But the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” made a big mistake in rubbing his snot rag in the champion’s face, and that was enough for the “Red-Haired Warrior” to explode. It was a move that Vago could not recover from, and in the end the Aberdeen favourite scored the victory with the Somersault Neckbreaker.

Halloween Hijinx challenger

And so to the main event of the evening – who would emerge victorious in our special 10-man over the top rope Battle Royale?

Of the contenders, there were three former champions involved; Damien, Johnny Lions and Bryan Tucker. Add-in Sterling Oil duo Shawn Johnson and Alan Sterling and this looked like a top line-up. Joining them were Andy Wild, Blue Thunder and Jason Reed from the regular WrestleZone roster, and two current trainees from the WrestleZone Training Academy, Mark Gove and Bradley Maidment were also given a golden chance to shine.

As the bell rang, the fists started flying as the grapplers engaged in the over-the-top-rope contest. Alan Sterling was the first to go, dumped by Jason Reed, and he was followed by Blue Thunder who was tossed by Mark Gove! Bryan Tucker soon eliminated both Mark and bitter rival Shawn Johnson, Bradley Maidment hit the floor, while Jason Reed was dumped by Andy Wild leaving just four!

Andy Wild would soon overwhelm Tucker to take us down to three, and while Wild and Damien tried to combine, the “Tenacious One” dumped out his great rival leaving two men! The last few minutes of this were intense with Lions trying to getting the powerhouse Wild over the top rope alone!

Just as he looked poise to strike, Damien returned to the ring and his actions were enough of a distraction to allow Wild to recover and kick the Fifer off the ring apron, winning the Battle Royale and securing the championship match at Inverurie Town Hall next Saturday, 29th October.

Scotty Swift – who has watched the action unfold – exchanged pleasantries with Wild once this one was over, welcoming the challenge brought by the “Unstoppable one”. We will see in just two short weeks whether Wild can continue his remarkable resurrection and secure the top prize in WrestleZone at Halloween Hijinx.

Tri-Counties tournament kicks-off

A 16-man tournament to crown the first-ever WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion began this past Saturday night with our first two First Round matches. Prior to the commencement of the tournament, management informed us of the rules that will see a maximum 10-minute time limit for matches in the tournament – a move adding greatly to the excitement, and another dimension for the wrestlers to deal with.

First-up was a returning Aspen Faith, with the “King of Catch” bringing Sammii-Jayne to ringside for his bout opposite Blue Thunder following the confrontation in Balmedie.

After three months away from the WrestleZone, Faith showed no signs of being unfamiliar with the task at hand as he duelled with the “Masked Wonder” from the opening bell although both grapplers remaining cautious until the five-minute mark.

Martyn Clunes’ time reminder served as the impetus for the ante to be upped here, and the action threatened to spill out into all-out war as both men throw big offence at each other. There was a scary moment as Blue Thunder appeared to suffer a shoulder injury, but he continued valiantly in this match.

Faith almost scored the victory with a Standing Enziguiri and with the clock with one minute left, knew he had to make his mark! With Thunder in a prone state, Faith would lock-on a Fujiwara armbar and Thunder had no option but to quit and ensure that the “King of Catch” proceeds to the Quarter Finals of the tournament!

In our other bout, a huge test awaited WrestleZone Training Academy graduate Jimbo Bannon as he took-on “Unstoppable” Andy Wild.

he biggest bout of his bustling career started off cagey, with both grapplers finding their feet against each other! But the action picked-up as Wild realised Bannon was not going to quit, and he the rookie looked poised for an upset victory as he tried his best to make Wild tap-out.

But the sheer power of the Englishman was enough to fend off Bannon’s advances, and a huge Wildest Driver was enough to secure victory and safe passage to the Last 8 of the tournament. Both matches contributed to a great kick-off for the tournament and we look forward to the top action that is yet to come!

Tag Titles on the line!

A huge grudge match also played out in Kincorth as current tag team champions Sterling Oil would defend against former champs, Mr. P & Kaden Garrick. With William Sterling on the injury list, Shawn Johnson would deputise here teaming with Alan Sterling – Richard R. Russell looking on with glee!

But the opening moments were not good for Sterling Oil as the former champs hit the ground running in taking the bout to their opponents. Garrick’s recent form in singles action has not been good, but in doubles action he is far more comfortable.

But trying to fight off the superior numbers of the champs was key, and while it was a long time coming, eventually Garrick made the tag to P and the heat was on!

The bodies flew as the teacher-turned-wrestler battered both Sterling Oil members and looked on the cusp of victory with the fans in their corner. However, Alan Sterling and Kaden Garrick would enter the ring and referee Mikey Innes was lost in the shuffle – allowing Johnson to strike with not one but two low blows to Mr. P, and that was narrowly enough to retain the titles!

Let’s be honest here – Sterling Oil escaped with the titles intact here by the skin of their teeth. Mr. P & Kaden Garrick will not be happy with the way this ended and surely will be pleading their case for a rematch down the line after what transpired in Kincorth.

Tucker wins again!

Finally, following back-to-back-to-back victories over Mikkey Vago, Bryan Tucker would turn his attention to his Rejected tag team partner Chris Archer in a first-time-ever contest!

The “Outcast” was in a no-messing mood and jumped Tucker at the bell! But the fan favourite fought fire-with-fire, and despite the repeated attempts of Archer to score the victory with his feet on the ropes, Tucker turned the tide at the end!

With Archer looking to use the steel chain, referee Dennis Law would stamp his authority and take this away from him, allowing Tucker to send Archer flying into the ropes! The former tag team champion tried a crossbody but Tucker was wise and rolled-through, using added leverage of the ropes to score a cheeky win.

Once again, the manner of the victory irked Chris Archer but the fans were delighted to witness Archer choke on some of his own medicine.

And so that was our debut at Kincorth Community Centre – an important night on the way to Halloween Hijinx that also injected some much needed funds into Kincorth Community Centre helping them with their fundraising goals to replace their ageing toilet block.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fundraising and we hope you can join us on Saturday 29th October when Scotty Swift faces a huge threat to his Undisputed Championship at Halloween Hijinx. Check out the events page for all the details and info!