Halloween Hijinx 2016

Saturday 29th October 2016 - Town Hall, Inverurie

For the first time ever, WrestleZone presented our annual fright night spooktacular at Inverurie Town Hall this past Saturday.

Halloween Hijinx is our biggest event of the Autumn season and several top matches were in store for fans who packed the Town Hall. And coming out of the event, there was only ONE talking point!!!

The main event would see current Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift defend his title against the #1 contender and a grappler who has been on quite the run of form; “Unstoppable” Andy Wild.

Since winning at Battle of the Nations, the Englishman has been on a tear as his resurgence was cemented with dominating wins over Johnny Lions, Kaden Garrick and Jason Reed.

His championship challenge was earned as Wild won our 10-man Battle Royale in Kincorth to proceed to Halloween Hijinx.

Recognising the nature of the challenge, the “Red-Haired Warrior” had upped his training schedule in preparation for taking-on Wild and in the opening stages of the match, Swift prospered with the action even spilling out to the floor.

Back in the ring however, the match gravitated to a traditional affair and it was Wild who used his superior strength and size to out-muscle the champion. Indeed, Swift’s game plan backfired as he tried to match power-with-power, only to find that to be a step too far.

With Wild in the ascendancy, the prospect of a new champion edged ever closer – until the “Red-Haired Warrior” eventually managed to muster the strength to slam Wild, and followed-up with an impressive Suplex that sent Wild tumbling.

Backed by his cheering faithful, Swift would regain even-footing with the challenger and this match really could have gone either way. With his usual offence failing to get the job done, Swift would ascend to the top rope, only to be caught by Wild, who nailed the Tower of London for a close two-count.

However, with Swift suffering the expression was clear from Wild, and he immediately went for the Wildest Driver and scored, sending Swift crashing to the mat. The referee counted and the crowd fell silent in shock.

e had a new Undisputed Champion and his name was Andy Wild! The shock on the faces of those in attendance was clear, with grumblings of disbelief and even a few tears shed by Scotty’s most ardent fans.

But the referee was clear and MC Martyn Clunes would confirm that in Inverurie, Scotty Swift’s 525-day reign as Undisputed Champion was over and there was a new ruler in town! Andy Wild had triumphed using his sheer power, size and experience to his advantage.

Winning the Undisputed Championship has been a long-held aspiration for Wild, and the delight was clear on his face! This was his moment and he didn’t care that he had to share it with the fans who had given him dog’s abuse all year.

With Halloween Hijinx ending in such fashion, the questions are only just starting to get answered. But if our 2016 event in Inverurie will be remembered for one thing, it will always be known as the night that Andy Wild finally cemented his name among the top wrestlers in WrestleZone history.

Tri-Counties championship continues

With one championship changing hands, Inverurie also played host to two first round matches in our tournament to determine the first ever Tri-Counties Championship.

The opening match of the night would see the “Zenith of Zero G” Bingo Ballance make a triumphant return to the WrestleZone, and he would take-on old foe Alan Sterling in a first time ever singles match.

Marking his first WrestleZone appearance since Aberdeen Anarchy, the Flying Irishman was out to impress and he did just that with a spectacular dive out of the ring that took out Alan Sterling, who was looking to retreat from the action.

Indeed, it took the interference of Richard R. Russell to turn the tide for Sterling, and he looked to stomp, kick and punch his way to victory over the fiery islander. But Ballance knows how this works, and when the time was right it was an explosive Bingo that fired back against his foe!

With the clock ticking down, both men looked like taking home the victory, however it was Ballance that scored a popular victory as he used an innovative roll-up to pin Sterling’s shoulders to the mat for a three-count!

While Alan fell at the first hurdle, it was over to Shawn Johnson to represent Sterling Oil as he took on Mr. P in our other First Round encounter. With both men displaying top grappling skills, it was the nasty turn of Johnson that changed the nature of this contest.

But with Johnson lacking the bite to put Mr. P away, there was always a chance that the fan favourite would embrace the chaos and that was his route back into contention.

Cheered on by the fans, the teacher-turned-wrestler battered back against Shawn Johnson, who had to resort to a handful of tights which referee Mikey Innes was quick to spot. In the melee, Johnson would strike a punishing kick to the face, and with additional leverage scored the win to progress to the Quarter Finals.

Richard R. Russell will be pleased that at least one of his men remain in the tournament – even if grapplers like Bingo Ballance lie ahead in the Quarter Finals scheduled for early 2017.

Feud reignites

Former tag team partners Johnny Lions and Damien are destined to fight forever, and the latest installment at Halloween Hijinx was quite the affair!

With both men displaying a deep hatred for the other, the fists were flying as the grapplers came out of the blocks swinging.

Lions almost scored the win with an incredible flying Fame Asser, but it was Damien who controlled most of the match as he attacked the ribs of his former tag team partner.

But “Johnny Time” went into overtime as Lions battered back, and countered a superkick with the Lion Driver only for Richard R. Russell to save the match by putting Damien’s foot on the ropes!

This caused Lions to argue with Russell – and the Sterling Oil strategist narrowly averted a punch for good measure! Damien recovered just in time to hit a flying codebreaker – and that was enough for him to gain the victory here although not without controversy!

Another match picking up steam was the encounter between Kaden Garrick and Aspen Faith. With both men having failed to defeat the other by pinfall / submission in previous encounters, there was a lot on the line here!

And while it was former tag team champion Kaden Garrick who stood tall after tossing the “King of Catch” from the ring, the boots of Sammii-Jayne would prove pivotal as they connected with Garrick’s head, knocking him for six!

It was an advantage that Aspen looked to stretch, as he sensed victory over Garrick. But while Faith’s skills are great, his strategy often leaves a lot to be desired and this left a window which Garrick looked to jump through!

The match turned as Garrick powered his way from underneath, and it was Sammii-Jayne who proved pivotal in saving Aspen from certain defeat! And while Garrick would set-up for the Spear, it was one that Aspen countered with the Pumphandle Flatliner, and then he would tangle Garrick up, cranking his arm and forcing the submission from Kaden.

This may well prove to be a huge victory for Aspen Faith as he continues his return from injury with an impressive victory here.

Halloween Hijinx personified

This event would not be the same without our annual Halloween match pitting the trio of Cysto, Lord Mr Malice and the Super Executioner in action where the use of Halloween-themed objects would be legal!

And from the opening bell, this one proved to be spooky as these grapplers neglecting any wrestling moves – instead capering with blow-up pumpkins, broom sticks and bats!

But the real spooky trick came 10 minutes into the match when Cysto #1 beckoned the help of Cysto #2 from the back! However, there was a surprise in store as also coming was Cysto #3 which begs the question – how many Cystos are there?

For everyone in attendance, it proved to be quite the laugh as Executioner was duped by the three Cystos, and after being splatted with a Pumpkin, he was rolled-up for the one, two, three. The Tangerine Trio celebrated their victory by going absolutely bananas, and the fans did too after seeing this hilarity ensue. Less than a year until we do this all again…

And so that ends an eventful Halloween Hijinx event. The enthusiastic fans lapped-up this action and we will certainly look back on this event as a hugely important night in WrestleZone history.

While this may mark the end of Scotty Swift’s championship run, the beginning of Andy Wild’s reign has turned things upside down. Halloween Hijinx proved once again that ANYTHING can and does happen in the WrestleZone. Onwards to Huntly on Saturday 12th November…