Banchory Live! 2014

For the fifth year in a row, WrestleZone were back to rock Banchory Town Hall this past Saturday night with a top night of professional wrestling action.

In the night’s main event, Crusher Craib would defend his Undisputed Championship for the very first time against a grappler who has made waves this summer; “The Outcast” Chris Archer.

With the fall-out from Battle of the Nations, the current tag team feud would also be reignited in our opening contest…

Revolution sneak-it again!

The first of our Triple Threat matches would see new tag team champion Damien face-off against former title-holder Bryan Tucker and William Sterling of the Thunder Buddies. The three-way mayhem would ensue with the incentive of a future rematch with Revolution on the line for both Tucker and Sterling.

This one was chaotic from the off as Tucker unleashed his inner fury, but old alliances were rekindled here as former Sterling Oil brethren Sterling and Damien combined to down the Hotshot. But given the prize on the line, this was never going to work out and eventually Damien and William would come to blows, giving Tucker the chance to strike back!

With momentum turning, Tucker tried his best to battle back against both men. In truth, all three had chances to win but Sterling seemed to stop the momentum as he hit the Chokeslam Backbreaker on Tucker!

But before he could get the pin, Damien would strike him with a vicious knee sending him sprawling out of the ring. Damien would then steal the pinfall over Tucker for the victory! The champion was quick to get out of dodge with Sterling angry that he was once again cost the victory, just like at the Beach Leisure Centre. But for Revolution, this victory marked one down, one to go…

The Lord takes a bow…

Our next bout stemmed from the events of Battle of the Nations when Zach Dynamite interrupted the “coronation” of Lord Alan Sterling, with the mentally-instable rich kid out to take his revenge on “Fully Loaded” for the disrespectful act.

Given that he ruined his big moment, Sterling was out for vengeance from the off and attacked Dynamite before the bell. But Zach was able to fire back into the bout and Lord Sterling looked in grave danger until his “butler” Jeeves Winchester tried to enter the ring to check on his master.

This was enough of a distraction to bait young Dynamite, and Sterling would take control of Zach and look to make him pay for disrespect the Queen’s representative in WrestleZone. But despite his Royal status, Sterling just could not put his opponent away.

Zach would explode back into this match with a huge crossbody and from there it was game on! The fiery and energetic fan favourite put Sterling on the ropes and had victory in sight until Jeeves would once again interject himself in the bout. His swipe at Dynamite gifted Sterling enough time to attack his opponent’s knee, and he hit the Pound Sterling for the victory to gain some payback against Zach Dynamite!

Chris Archer and Alpha Male hook-up

Before our next contest, we had the surprise appearance of Chris Archer at ringside who informed us of his association with the Alpha Male with “The Outcast” securing the muscle man’s services as his bodyguard!

Clearly this is an interesting development and the next bout would take on added significance as Scotty Swift looked to take down his arch rival’s hired help in Banchory.

The early stages were cagey as these two battled back-and-forth, with no clear victor. Swift tried to up the pace as Male looked to dominate with his physicality. Archer, who had remained at ringside, drew Swift’s attention outside and that was just the opportunity Male had waited for!

Back in the ring and the Ultimate Athlete went to work on Aberdeen’s favourite son! But Swift remained defiant, and eventually would break free and fight back with every ounce of guts in his body.

Male struggled to keep up as Swift upped the intensity, and he sent Male spinning with a series of shots that eventually knocked the gigantic galleon off his feet! Swift needed something extra on his side and decided to head high to go home.

But as Swift ascended to the top rope, Archer would return once more to grab Swift’s leg. Stranded on the top rope, Swift was easy prey for Male who hooked him up and sent him flying with a huge Fall-away Slam which gained him the victory, remaining undefeated in WrestleZone!

Archer celebrated with his hired muscle but even “The Outcast” must understand that this will only stoke the first which burns under Scotty Swift, and one day, he may get his comeuppance…

Triple Threat mayhem part two!

The second of our three-way matches would see tag team champion Johnny Lions look to score an important double for Revolution, as he squared-off with Blue Thunder and Shawn Johnson. But before the Hotshot could join the action, Lions would attack Thunder and look to gain the advantage.

‘Sensational’ Shawn joined the action and the fight was on as Johnson knocked both Thunder and Lions down. The action came fast as all three men threw everything they could at each other.

But in the midst of the chaos, Lions and Thunder would look to team-up to get rid of Johnson, only for Thunder to double-cross Lions and almost steal the victory on the “Tenacious One”. As the alliance broke down, Johnson would join the fold!

The end would come in shocking fashion as Johnson was dumped by Thunder, only for Lions to catch Thunder with the Lion Cutter to gain a narrow three-count and a double victory for Revolution!

Aspen Faith moves on up!

Our next bout would see Mr. Paterson step into the ring once more to take on a grappler currently on a great singles winning run; Aspen Faith. But for all his technical prowess, Faith was shown to be too overconfident as Mr. P matched him in the opening minutes, keeping Faith pinned down with a series of armdrags.

But while Paterson has prospered beyond expectations, he is still relatively inexperienced and here the “King of Catch” looked to exploit his weaknesses as he gained a big opportunity. Pain and punishment were dished out as Faith looked to take the teacher to school on the wrestling mat!

But Paterson’s strength lies in his determination to battle back against adversity, and Faith let his guise slip as the Techie Teacher found his groove and made sure he would not go down without a fight!

Paterson battled back with forearms and a big Facebuster that had Faith sprawling! But Mr. P made one error and he was soon caught in submission as Faith locked on another intense submission hold. With no escape, Paterson had no choice to tap out with the “King of Catch” using his superior submission moves to win in Banchory!

This victory continues Faith’s momentum, something which KT Kane was not shy to shout about! Aspen has made no secret of his aspiration to win the Undisputed Championship and if he continues to rack up singles victory, then it will not be long before he is next in-line for a title bout.

Chris Archer meets Crusher Craib

The very first title defence of NEW Undisputed Champion Crusher Craib would take place in Banchory as the “Creator of Carnage” would face Chris Archer, who would be accompanied to this bout by his hired muscle The Alpha Male. Being on such a winning run, would “The Outcast” spoil Crusher’s title parade?

In the early stages, it was clear Archer would need to do something special to take-down Crusher. The Outcast tried his best to hit and move, but it was mostly Craib doing the hitting as he swatted Archer like a fly on several occasions.

Archer looked to have had enough of the punishment and looked to leave the Town Hall… through the front door. But before he could leave, Crusher would catch him and continue the punishment at the merchandise table! But while this was excruitiating for the challenger, Archer was smart when the action returned to the ring as he drew the attention of the referee, allowing Alpha Male to strike!

Although the muscleman took a shot for his attention, he would strike back with a low-blow and send Crusher flying into the ring post! It was a move that changed the momentum of this bout but would it also change the likely outcome?

For the next several minutes, Archer tried his best to subdue the Crusher but found it very difficult to take the monster down. On several occasions, “The Outcast” dodged a bullet by taking Crusher down once more.

With the stakes so high, Archer would take to the skies for victory. With Crusher prone on the mat, Archer would hit a picture-perfect moonsault that had the Banchory fans in awe. This was Archer’s crowning moment, would he become the Undisputed Champion???

Head referee Dennis Law counted one, two, but not three as the champion amazingly kicked out to save his championship! Archer was inconsolable! He turned to Alpha Male for help and grabbed the title belt as Archer was tied-up with the referee.

But as Male looked to enter the ring, Scotty Swift would return to thwart the Ultimate Athlete and avoid catastrophe in Banchory. Archer was left on his own with Crusher Craib and that could only mean one thing; pain was on the way for Chris Archer!

Crusher bounded back to knock Archer from pillar-to-post, but somehow the youngster kept in the bout. Having avoided the Big Boot, Archer would look to score with the Poisoned Arrow, only for Crusher to scoop “The Outcast” and slam him to the mat with an awesome Black Hole Slam.

There was no way back as Crusher Craib nailed his first title defence and sent Chris Archer packing! Despite coming close, Archer was helpless without his hired muscle and will surely need some time to recover from this beating.

While for the “Creator of Carnage” this marks a line in the sand and proved to everyone that he can still do it. Next up for Crusher will be an old foe in Brechin, as he takes on Andy Wild at the end of September!