Brechin Live! 2014

The stars from WrestleZone Scotland returned to Brechin City Hall this past Saturday night for a great night of pro-wrestling action with both championships defended.

Undisputed Champion Crusher Craib faced his biggest test in taking on England’s Andy Wild, while Revolution would put the tag titles up against the inexperienced duo of Mr. Paterson and Kaden Garrick.

An enthusiastic crowd created a cauldron of noise as the action got underway with WrestleZone management representative Chris Macdonald on hand to witness proceedings.

The Revolution continues…

Having both triumphed in Banchory, Damien and Johnny Lions would return to tag competition here and put their belts on the line against two of WrestleZone’s most popular grapplers.

Indeed, Mr. P and the undefeated Garrick had the fans on their side as they challenged the duo for the gold. Mr. Paterson was coy to Damien’s tricks and certainly taught him a lesson from the start, while the battle of two bulls between Lions and Kaden did not produce a clear winner.

The first big impact came when Paterson took a Back Suplex from his old foe Lions, and this was enough to isolate him from his partner. But with the spirit keeping him alive, Paterson eventually tagged Garrick who came in firing against Damien.

With the champions floundering, Mr. Paterson would tag himself back in and go for the Axe Kick. But With Damien and Garrick entangled on the outside, Mr. Paterson couldn’t quite down his old foe, and tasted a Lion Cutter for the three count and Revolution’s first successful title defence.

Lord Alan Sterling prospers once more

Scheduled next was a rematch from our Banchory event with Zach Dynamite due to take-on Lord Alan Sterling. Before this started however, Dynamite had some bad news - due to a knee-injury suffered a fortnight ago, he was unable to wrestle. However, “Fully Loaded” had sourced a replacement; Bryan Tucker.

The Hotshot and Lord Sterling matched off early on, with Sterling refusing to get fully- engaged with his new opponent. With Sterling on the floor, Tucker looked to take him back in the ring, only to have his legs taken from beneath him and an opportunity arose for the Queen’s representative in WrestleZone.

With butler Jeeves Winchester heralding his master, Sterling battered Tucker with a series of powerful moves but the Hotshot wouldn’t quit. Eventually he caught a break after Lord Sterling’s miscalculation, and he nearly got the win with a Gutwrench Suplex but Jeeves put Alan’s foot on the bottom rope!

With Lord Sterling toiling, Tucker was sent to the apron but came flying back with a Sunset Flip. Sterling was flustered but managed to gather enough strength to plant his weight and with leverage from the middle of the rope, pinned Tucker’s shoulders to the mat for the three-count.

After the bout, Lord Sterling gloated and then threatened the injured Zach Dynamite, only for Tucker to intervene and send Sterling and his butler scurrying for cover. We wish Zach all the best in his recovery; by the end of the night “Fully Loaded” would get one over his arch rival…

Mr. Malice's secret revealed

Our next contest would send shockwaves throughout the WrestleZone. Ever since losing to Scotty Swift at Battle of the Nations, Mr. Malice has descended into the gutter and has blamed Los Cystos for his demise.

The "Greatest of all Malices" had promised to bring a brutal force to the WrestleZone in order to gain revenge against the Tangerine Dream Team for starting the demise of the Malice Miracle. Despite no longer being able to wrestle, Malice is not going anywhere and has a dream team out to do his dirty work!

And as Mr. Malice took the mic, he informed all the fans in Brechin that a change was coming! He introduced the Malyctos who bear a striking resemblance to Los Cystos bar one important feature; there is no orange! Indeed, the darkness of Malice's Dream Team was clear as the two masked men baked in black made their way into the City Hall and even tried to steal sweeties from the fans in the front row.

Malice called his charges to order and awaited the arrival of Los Cystos. But before they could get properly in the ring, the Malycstos would begin the attack on Cysto #1! With Cysto #2 sent flying, the Malystos would double-team the "Orange One" into submission with the DOUBLE CLAW!

Mr. Malice was delighted with the performance of his new pairing and what is clear from this performance is the Malystos could be set to spell the end of the Cystos FOREVER!

Six-man tag team WAR!

The first match back after the break was quite the spectacle. On one side, we had the unlikely trio of Scotty Swift and the Thunder Buddies, on the other the even-odder trio of Chris Archer, his bodyguard Alpha Male and the Super Executioner. Nobody knew quite what to expect from this match!

From the off, the “Red-Haired Warrior” challenged Chris Archer to come into the ring but instead he sent in his hired muscle. Fresh from their tussle in Banchory, the pair locked horns again with Scotty getting the better of the exchange.

Blue Thunder made the tag and came firing in against Male, but his superior size was enough to put a halt to the “Masked Wonder’s” assault. From there, the trio did their best to subdue the Buddie. Thunder even made the tag after escaping from the “Outcast’s” clutches, but the referee was distracted by a melee on the apron.

It was second-time lucky for Thunder as he made the tag and in came Scotty Swift, looking to down the Alpha Male. Soon this one turned chaotic as all six men came into battle, with Super Executioner and Swift the legal men.

In the mess, Alpha Male was sent tumbling as he looked to double team Swift leaving the Aberdeen favourite alone with Executioner, who tasted the Granite City Driver once more for a three-count and victory for Scotty and friends!

Halloween Hijinx challenger determined

We would find out who would get the coveted shot at the Undisputed Championship in our next contest which was a special over-the-top-rope Battle Royale. With six grapplers fighting it out, who would be the last man standing?

From the first bell, it was clear Revolution had the measure of Kaden Garrick, but a miscommunication would see both Johnny Lions and Damien eliminated by Garrick to a great ovation! But the tag team champions would have the last laugh as they distracted Garrick, allowing Lord Alan Sterling to send him tumbling over the top!

Sterling was next to go as Zach Dynamite would return to ringside and engage in a war of words with Sterling, allowing Bryan Tucker to toss him out and gain a measure of revenge! This left just two - Bryan Tucker and Aspen Faith – and who would earn the title shot?

As they traded blows, it was clear both men were determined to batter the other! Tucker sent Faith flying out to the apron and hammered Faith with a barrage of strikes, but the “King of Catch” wouldn’t budge and eventually caught Tucker with a smashing forearm.

Back in the ring, Faith looked to throw Tucker out, only for the Hotshot to hit the Twist of Fate! The former Undisputed Champion dragged a deadweight Faith to his feet and tried to throw him out, only for Faith to reverse and send the fan favourite to the apron.

This time, the “King of Catch” was striking Tucker but he was then caught and dragged out to the apron where both men held on by their fingertips. They traded shots back-and-forward, with both men one slip away from defeat. But as Tucker took a wild swing, Faith would duck and then kick Tucker between the legs to leave him in excruciating pain!

The legal shot was enough for Faith to gain the victory as he pushed Tucker out to the floor to win the Battle Royale and secure his championship opportunity. Since Aberdeen Anarchy, Faith has been on a march in singles competition and he now gets what he wanted; a shot at the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship on November 1st!

Andy Wild looks to become CHAMPION

And so it was time for our main event for the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship. Champion Crusher Craib was out to continue his dominating form but to do that, he would need to defeat one of the top wrestlers in Scotland; Andy Wild.

Wild has spent considerable time in the gym since his last bout against Crusher Craib at this event in 2013 and would that added bulk pay dividends and ensure Wild truly is “Unstoppable”?

As you would expect with these two bulls, the opening was a cagey affair with each mammoth keeping their cards close to their chest. And while the action picked up as Wild tried to gain a break on the outside, it was the Englishman who took control and looked to grind Crusher down.

Unlike recent opponents, Wild is a match in both size and strength and the “Creator of Carnage” was under the cosh here for a large periods in this fight. But the champion has new steel in his armour and just would not be defeated.

The action picked up around the 12-minute mark and Crusher looked set for victory until Wild appeared to suffer a nasty knee injury. The momentum was broken, but true to form, this was a ruse as Wild almost stole victory with a small package! The City Hall were stunned but Crusher kicked out!

Wild had to think quick and hit a smashing Superkick which gained a close two-count. Wild was desperate but was caught in a choke bomb which almost took the bout Crusher’s way. With the title in the balance, both men threw their best at each other, but Crusher was eventually able to power out of the Tiger Suplex and instead hit the Big Boot for the victory!

Crusher was delighted to seen off another credible threat to his second championship run, however the night wasn’t finished yet. Aspen Faith, who looks set to face the champion at Halloween Hijinx, came out on stage and gestured that Crusher’s time will soon come!

Given that we are just under four weeks away, this bout will be a real test for Crusher Craib. His victory here was narrow and no doubt Wild will be ruing his mistake, but Aspen Faith has the power to win at all costs… and that makes him a very serious contender to the “Creator of Carnage”.