Summerhill Showdown 2017

Photography by Dod Morrison

All eyes were fixed on the Summerhill Hotel as the 

stars from WrestleZone revved-up for battle this past Saturday night for our first foot into 2017.

A sold-out crowd was on-hand to witness a great night of pro-wrestling action with both championships being defended on a bill with the hotly-anticipated return of Grado to the North!

The Scottish funny man from the “top end of Stevenson” has made quite the impression on the WrestleZone fans, and they were clearly with him in his attempt to become the Undisputed Champion in the night’s main event.

However, 2016 was the year that Andy Wild truly became “Unstoppable” and Grado faced a huge task to wrestle the title away from the iron grip of the Englishman.

The fans were in great form as Grado made his way to the ring – but they were just as quick to boo current title-holder Wild, who has a smug arrogance about him that really gets under people’s skin.

Wild proved he was clueless as he made fun of Grado’s stint in panto over Xmas and New Year – but Grado outsmarted the champion from the opening bell proving that despite this being his first bout of the year, Grado was in top condition.

After getting the best of it in the ring, the action spilled outside and amongst his people, Grado was supported in battering Wild. Andy tried to find safety on the top rope, but instead was dumped from the top with a huge slam from Grado!

Fans began to believe as Grado set-up for the Roll’N’Slice however Wild escaped and Grado hit the steel! The champion took his time to go to work on Grado, even sending him crashing onto the apron.

But despite the punishment, Wild could not put the fan favourite away and in an instant, Grado somehow found some breathing space. The Scottish sensation then used all his energy to batter Wild and hit the Roll’N’Slice for a very near two-count.

Grado knew one more move would do it – and the Wee Boot was teed up. However Wild used his smarts to evade the contact, and with his feet perched on the top rope, pinned Grado’s shoulders to the mat for a cheap victory!

Grado tried to protest but the referee’s decision stands! Wild looked to take-out Grado only for hometown favourite Scotty Swift to see-off his advances. In the aftermath, Grado made sure to pass the baton to the “Red-Haired Warrior”. But once again, Wild proved to be “Unstoppable” – even in the face of the whirlwind that is Grado!

Tag Team titles open challenge

Summerhill Showdown also witnessed the return of William Sterling, who has been on the side-lines for five months leaving his Sterling Oil buddies to defend the tag team titles the brothers won at Battle of the Nations.

This was an open challenge that was reiterated by Richard R. Russell, who proclaimed that the Sterling Brothers have beaten every team in WrestleZone.

However, that seemed to irk with a team answering the open challenge; The Rejected. Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago took issue with Russell’s words; saying that William and Alan Sterling have never beaten them!

This bout got off to a hot start with The Rejected taking the fight to the champions. The action never stopped as both teams made a play for a quick victory; with Chris Archer flying and Mikkey Vago pounding, the Sterling brothers were rocking!

With Vago and Alan battling on the outside, Chris Archer found himself on the top rope and he threw himself backwards into a moonsault that caught William Sterling off guard. The impact planted Sterling’s shoulders to the mat for the three-count, and to a rapturous sound of applause, The Rejected had won the tag team titles!

Richard R. Russell, Alan Sterling and William Sterling were distraught as Archer and Vago marched out the Summerhill Hotel with their new gold in tact! A catastrophic failure for Sterling Oil here; we expect a response in the coming weeks!

More misery for Sterling Oil

The loss of the tag team titles was firmly compounded on what turned out to be a miserable night for Sterling Oil.

It was grudge match time as Johnny Lions and Damien would hook-up for the final time; a 20-minute ironman bout the decider between the two. Having built a 2-0 lead, it was the “Revolutionary” Damien in firm control until Lions caught a break to finally get himself on the scoresheet with minutes left!

With Damien focussing on attacking the shoulder of the “Tenacious One” he desperately tried to regain his advantage with a cross face; only for Lions to make the ropes! Frustrated, Damien lashed out at referee Mikey Innes and found himself disqualified for his actions; levelling the match at 2-2.

With seconds left, both men fought for the deciding fall but it did not come as the 20 minutes elapsed, and it looked like we had ourselves a draw! However, for Johnny Lions this was time to end this war and he called for sudden death, something agreed to by WrestleZone management.

The bell rang once more and both Damien and Lions went at it, throwing haymakers at each other! However, it was Lions who prospered after nailing another Lion Cutter for a welcome victory.

After the bout, the enormity of defeat set in for Damien, and knowing he had no other option, the “Revolutionary” offered his hand to his former team mate; this was accepted and the whole Summerhill Hotel reacted to the shocking conclusion. Unexpected but this finally puts to an end the clash of former tag team partners!

So, with Sterling Oil having lost two matches already, Richard R. Russell put all his bets on Shawn Johnson as he took-on Zach Dynamite in our Tri-Counties Tournament quarter-final!

The return of “Fully Loaded” to the Summerhill Hotel was greeted with fanfare and Zach was back to his best as he engaged in full combat with Johnson.

The action was quick as both men were fully aware of the 10-minute time limit. Dynamite’s opening flurry knocked Shawn for six, but his recovery on the outside gave him a route back into the match.

Johnson made a play for Dynamite’s back and went to work with some unique offence. But Dynamite has shown himself to be courageous, and in a flash, he was once again battling toe-to-toe with the Sterling Oil golden goose.

Johnson nearly advanced with the Michonoku Driver, but Dynamite recovered and eventually hit the Flying Knee and scored the victory to advance to the semi-finals of the championship tournament!

This loss completed a terrible night for Sterling Oil and not the way Richard R. Russell’s wanted to begin the New Year!

Mr. P and Kaden Garrick go wild!

One of the most hotly-anticipated encounters of Summerhill Showdown featured former tag team partners Kaden Garrick and Mr. P meeting for the very first time since Christmas Chaos. Kaden Garrick’s sneak attack on his partner that night has left a sour taste in the mouth of the fans, who were clearly in support of Mr. P as he made his way to face his former friend.

There were no niceties exchanged as this one got started with referee Dennis Law struggling to contain the action! Both men threw big punches at each other, fighting through the adrenaline in a true grudge battle.

The action spilled amongst the fans with referee Dennis Law repeatedly urging the grapplers to return to the ring! Kaden Garrick was dumped with a vicious backdrop on the floor, the sound probably still echoing through the Summerhill Hotel.

The action returned to ringside but crucially not the ring! Referee Law made one final plea to urge both men to return to the ring and both ignored him, and so this match was ruled a no contest! Management sent all staff members into separate the warring men, however they struggled to contain the situation, with the fight continuing for several minutes.

The Summerhill Showdown match has certainly not settled this issue, but it has marked the start of a whole new chapter in Mr. P and Kaden Garrick’s history.

LKS makes an impression!

The night’s action would open with a Fatal Fourway bout featuring Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Aspen Faith and Lou King Sharp! With four huge personalities involved, this match was the perfect start to the year with Lou King finding himself on the sharp end of a beat down that sent him into an almighty tantrum!

Tucker and Swift double-teamed Faith briefly until the “Red-Haired Warrior” was sent to the floor with a huge thud! The “King of Catch” then went to work on Tucker, battering him and allowing Lou King Sharp to pick the bones too!

However, a clash of heads would see Faith and Tucker down, and Sharp would try to pin each man – only to play hot potato between the two grapplers!

With the “Red-Haired Warrior” returning to the action, Swift had the momentum and with Faith and Tucker both having been knocked out, a Granite City Driver turned-out to be enough to put your mother’s favourite wrestler away!

However, this did not mark the end of Lou King Sharp’s involvement in the event…

Aberdeen Anarchy announcements

WrestleZone management representative Chris McDonald was also pleased to bring fans up-to-speed on our guests for this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy event taking place on Saturday 17th June.

Chris announced that WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, Melina and Hornswoggle will be our special guests for this year’s Beach Ballroom supershow.

Most of those at the Summerhill Hotel were delighted with the news – apart from Lou King Sharp who marched to the ring and screamed his hatred for “little people”.

Sharp made a challenge for Aberdeen Anarchy; Lou King Sharp vs. Hornswoggle in a battle of the ‘big’ men. Chris McDonald; make the match!

And finally, …

This was a very eventful night at one of our favourite venues…and sets the scene for start of 2017.

It looks like we are going to see Scotty Swift launch an assault to regain the Undisputed Championship, but Andy Wild remains in career-best form. No doubt, the action is only just heating up and with the hype for Aberdeen Anarchy beginning, we can’t wait to see what is in store.

Join us at ringside as we continue our 2017 journey this February in Montrose.