Live! in Montrose

Controversy reigned in our return to Angus this past Saturday night as a spectacular night of grappling action was on display at Montrose Town Hall!

WrestleZone’s showpiece event attracted quite the audience as the wrestlers took their first steps on the road to this year’s Regal Rumble. But while the big 20-man event is on the horizon, it was the fate of the Undisputed Championship that was at the forefront at this event.

The night’s main event would be a huge championship rematch as “Unstoppable” Andy Wild defended to the top gold against the former champion Scotty Swift in one-on-one action! The “Red-Haired Warrior” was determined to beat Wild and leave Montrose with the championship, but things didn’t quite pan out that way!

Following Wild’s actions at Summerhill in defeating Grado with his feet on the ropes, management had made the unprecedented step of having two referees for this contest, to ensure the outcome was fair and proper.

The big fight feel engulfed the Town Hall as these two bulls fought. Wild’s strength proved an advantage but Swift is cunning and was able to outfox the Englishman on several occasions. Wild continued to beat down on Swift, even sending him head first into the ring post that looked like scuppering Swift’s night!

However, somehow the “Red-Haired Warrior” rallied and made a remarkable last gasp comeback as Wild got a little too cocky for his own good! Somehow, Swift was able to superplex Wild after the “Unstoppable” one unexpectedly went to the top rope!

However, the beating meant Swift could not immediately capitalise, and instead only came a whisper away from regaining the Undisputed Championship. Next, he would try for the Granite City Driver but Swift did not quite have the strength to muscle him-up. Wild countered with a roll-up and tried to use the ropes only for the referees to spot the infringement and call Wild up on it!

The champion sensed the urgency and grabbed Swift for a Saito Suplex; drilled him to the canvas with a shudder that echoed throughout the Town Hall! Fans watched as the referee counted to three and seemingly Wild had retained the Undisputed Championship. However, our second referee Jack Macgregor did not agree with Dennis Law’s decision, insisting that Wild’s shoulders were also flat to the canvas!

As the referees argued their respective decisions, confusion reigned and even the sound man did not know what music to play! Swift’s hand was help up, Wild’s hand went up and then a shocking event would see the champion shove Jack Macgregor repeatedly! He then grabbed referee Dennis Law as Scotty Swift’s music played!

This was getting ugly and WrestleZone management’s Len Ironside jumped into the ring to reprimand Wild. With Wild protesting, he announced he was stripped Wild of the championship and there would be a rematch in future to determine the new champion.

Wild was infuriated here but he has been stripped of the championship belt through his own actions. Scotty Swift will now get one more chance to earn the Undisputed Championship at a future point in time, but we may need more officials to keep a lid on this contest.

Tri-Counties tournament continues…

The field is whittling down in the Tri-Counties Championship tournament and our second quarter-final would see “Tenacious” Johnny Lions take-on the “King of Catch” Aspen Faith in the night’s opening contest.

Accompanied by Sammii-Jayne, Faith looked confident for victory here but Lions has the heart and determination to power through any situation. But in this bout, Sammii’s assistance to Faith was bordering on the ridiculous; that was until she was caught red-handed trying to remove some of the ring dressing and was removed from ringside by WrestleZone officials!

That evened the score and allowed the Kirkcaldy grappler to battle back against Faith. With time whittling away from the 10 minutes available, both men played their big cards; the Tenacious Gun did not get it done, while Faith’s 360 Suplex only garnered a two-count!

But there was no doubt about the finish of this match as Faith countered Lions’ attempt at a tilt-a-whirl, and drilled him with the Tombstone Piledriver for the three-count and to advance just in the nick of time!

Tag Titles in focus

New tag team champions The Rejected would look to build on their surprise wins at Summerhill Showdown when they faced the Sterling Brothers in singles competition. First it was Chris Archer taking-on William Sterling; the men involved in the decisive pinfall last month.

The “Outcast” was downed early in the match and William used the assistance of Richard R. Russell at ringside to subdue the brawler. But Archer would spring a surprise here as he used his quickness to hit the 619 on Sterling and again hit a picture-perfect moonsault for the three-count!

In the second meeting, Mikkey Vago and Alan Sterling made more of a fist of it, with both men determined to take home the win for their team. Key moments were Sterling’s lariat that downed the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” – however Vago rebounded with his powerslam for a near-fall.

However, it would the new tag team champions that would get the better of this encounter as Vago scored a quick roll-up on Sterling, and with the use of the ropes scored the victory to leave Alan Sterling stunned!

These will not be the results that Richard R. Russell wanted – and we await to see what the reaction will be of the Sterling Oil strategist in Peterhead!

Multi-man action causes a stir

The two latest graduates from the WrestleZone Training Academy lined-up on opposing sides of a huge six-man tag team match; with both Bradley Evans and Marcus North keen to make an impression in their main roster debuts.

On Bradley’s side were Zach Dynamite and Bryan Tucker; and the trio would have to contend with North and partners Damien and Kaden Garrick. The action started well for the new faces with Bradley Evans and Marcus North both getting the chance to showcase their skills; and it was Big Brad that made the biggest impression!

However, North shone as the action ground down with Dynamite isolated from his corner men. Damien and Kaden Garrick made the most of the opportunity to down one of the fan favourites, and those in attendance were riled by their actions.

With the situation growing increasingly desperate, “Fully Loaded” fought off all three opponents to make a desperation tag and Bryan Tucker was in!

With his fists on fire, Tucker took the fight to North who had been mouthy throughout the contest, and almost gained the victory with the Flying Bulldog. However, Garrick and Damien pounced and looked to double-team Tucker, only for him to slide out of the ring! And lying in wait was Bradley Evans who struck a huge double Chokeslam to down the opponents.

However, “Vintage” Marcus North snuck in from behind to drill Evans with a neckbreaker. But North showed his inexperience as he failed to capitalise on the legal man, and Tucker reversed North’s attempts at a Neckbreaker into the Twist of the Fate for the one, two and three…

This was a great showcase of some of the talent that have earned their way onto the WrestleZone roster, and Bradley Evans and Marcus North have some of the skills to hang in the WrestleZone. North’s mouth got the better of him here though as Dynamite, Tucker and Evans combined to ensure a winning start to Big Brad’s career.

Montrose’s final contest would see a Triple Threat bout between Mr. P, Shawn Johnson and Jimbo Bannon. Johnson did nothing to ingratiate himself with either the fans or his opponents, as he talked big from the opening bell.

Bannon and Paterson combined to down Johnson, and the Sterling Oil member returned to deliver a huge double springboard back elbow that allowed him to take control. Bannon and Mr. P combined to send Shawn to the floor, but tensions flared as both men got hot at each other’s actions!

This was perfect for Shawn Johnson who capitalised on the dissension, sending Mr. P out to the floor and pinning Bannon after a crunching facebuster for a welcome three-count!

Having been challenged by Richard R. Russell to provide victories in Montrose, only Shawn Johnson stepped-up to the plate which must be a worry for the Sterling Oil strategist.

And so that was our successful return to Montrose – the damp weather did nothing to dampen spirits as the fans played their part in a great event in Angus. The grapplers are back in action in two weeks’ time as we return to Peterhead for more body-slamming action – we hope to see you at ringside!