Live! In Peterhead

Saturday 25th February 2017

With the Regal Rumble in our sights, the WrestleZone grapplers made their way north for a night of action-packed pro-wrestling action!

A large crowd was on-hand for six top bouts featuring some of the top stars in Scotland – while the return of former Undisputed Champion Bingo Ballance would see the Flying Irishman look to make the semi-finals of our Tri-Counties Championship tournament.

In the night’s opening contest, Ballance would take-on Damien with the Sterling Oil grappler the last remaining entrant looking to seal the deal for Richard R. Russell. And the “Zenith of Zero G” was greeted with rapturous applause as he made his way to the ring – while Damien was boo’ed as he was led to the ring by Sterling Oil strategist Russell.

From the opening bell, it was Ballance who had the measure of his opponent as he used his speed and skill to gain the advantage, showcasing his great innovative offence.

But Damien clearly had the 10-minute time limit in the back of his mind and grounded the Irishman to quell his momentum. But it was only a matter of time for Ballance as he ascended to the top rope, only to be dropped by Russell as Damien distracted referee Mikey Innes.

However, the official suspected wrong-doing and ejected Richard R. Russell from ringside, leaving the Sterling Oil strategist infuriated. On his own, Damien struggled to cope with Ballance as the Dubliner found his grove.

However, WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes continued to count-down the time, with both men throwing everything at each other! The call of 30 seconds brought a sense of panic for Damien as he tried for the Facecracker, only for Balance to reverse and hit the G17 for the one, two and three!

The fans reacted positively and Balance now advances to a semi-final meeting with Aspen Faith. But as for Damien, he will surely have to explain himself with Sterling Oil now completed eliminated from the tournament having had four men entered into the tournament!

A bad night for Sterling Oil gets worse…

With the Tri-Counties championship gone, the fate of the Tag Team titles was also in focus as William and Alan Sterling faced-off with current champs The Rejected in singles competition.

First, William Sterling would tangle with Mikkey Vago having lost the decisive pinfall at Summerhill Showdown. Sterling’s antics did not go down well as the “Heavy Metal Hooligan” proved he is no man to mess with; battering Sterling all over the ring!

But Sterling is sneaky and managed to attack the leg of Vago, leaving him with just one wheel! But for the current tag team champion, all he needs is two fists to fight and he used them, gaining a near fall with a great top-rope clothesline that shuddered down on William’s chest!

Sterling would counter looking for his Chokeslam Backbreaker, but Vago adjusted his position, rolled-up Sterling and scored the win, all the while with a handful of Sterling’s tights!

Later on in the night, it was over to Alan Sterling to try and battle back against the Rejected, facing Chris Archer in singles competition. The opening flurry would see Archer bust out some incredible high-flying action which is slowly getting the fans on his side.

He even nailed Sterling with a beautiful dive from the ring to the floor, sending Sterling crunching to the floor! But back in the ring, Sterling had chances to win too – countering Archer’s roll and coming close with his Spinning Suplex!

Next, Alan would go for his Spinebuster only for Archer to counter with a Sunset Flip and scoring the three-count! Alan Sterling would protest but the referee was clear and Chris Archer was the winner!

With the Rejected holding all the momentum against the Sterling Brothers, what does this now mean for their automatic tag team title rematch?

There was one glimpse of light ahead for Sterling Oil as Shawn Johnson recorded back-to-back Triple Threat victories. Due a family emergency, Johnny Lions was replaced in this bout by Bryan Tucker, with the former Hotshots fighting once more with Blue Thunder also making his first 2017 appearance for WrestleZone.

The action came thick-and-fast but a devastating Michinoku Driver on the outside ended the night for Tucker – while back in the ring, Johnson was able to reverse Thunder’s face first Suplex into a Guillotine for the victory!

With the Regal Rumble just weeks away, Shawn Johnson will need to show his stablemates the way if Richard R. Russell is going to have a happy Easter!

Six-man main event goes Wild…

With six huge personalities, the night’s main event dovetailed several issues into just one match…good work from WrestleZone management. On one side, Kaden Garrick, Andy Wild and Aspen Faith would need to find cohesion as they battled fan favourites Scotty Swift, Mr. P and Zach Dynamite!

It did not take long for the fight to erupt, with bodies flying all over the Palace Hotel ballroom! Swift and Wild renewed their acquaintance ahead of their Regal Rumble showdown for the vacated Undisputed Championship. Meanwhile, Zach Dynamite and Aspen Faith both find themselves in the semi-finals of the Tri-Counties Tournament and so a potential match-up awaits.

While the feud between former tag team champions Mr. P and Kaden Garrick was reignited with Garrick and friends able to isolate Paterson from his cornermen. Under a sustained pressure, Mr. P had to embrace the chaos and eventually, he was able to get free thanks to an errant slap from Sammii-Jayne, aiming for Paterson, instead clocked Aspen Faith!

“fully Loaded” Zach Dynamite was in and went to work on the “King of Catch”. It did not take long for the four others to get involved in the action with Swift, Wild, Garrick and Paterson brawling away from the Ballroom.

This left Dynamite and Faith exchanging their best hits; but as Faith looked for the Tombstone, Dynamite struck with the victory roll to gain his team the victory and a rare pinfall loss for Aspen Faith!

With matters to be revised in Newtonhill on Saturday, expect more of the same from these six grapplers!

Malice returns!

After an extended winter vacation taking in the sights of deepest Scandinavia, Lord Mr. Malice returned to action in Peterhead to take on Jimbo Bannon in singles competition.

Hailed by Jeeves Winchester, Malice’s regal entrance did nothing to endear himself with the fans – but they loved Jimbo Bannon! The double sports star had a tap-out victory in his sights; and had a lot of fun tying Malice in knots from the opening bell!

Even Jeeves Winchester tried to intervene but Bannon was wise to the butler’s attack! He also avoided Malice’s second rope shoulder tackle, and then made the Lord tap-out with his own version of the Yes Lock!

And the fans LOVED this as Lord Mr. Malice was forced into retreat, his winter break clearly not helping him out all that much at all!

And so, that recaps our return to Peterhead – a great night of action which the fans lapped-up. We are back in action this Saturday at Newtonhill and we hope to see you at ringside.